Northwind. One name, a story, countless emotions. Where the heart of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal firstly beat in the country, at a time when everyone was opposed to this musical expression. I don’t have to say much. Their just existence is a proof of value. Since they returned to active action in the best possible way, concert/music-wise and with their next album to be soon released, I seized the opportunity and exchanged a few words with the band.

Good evening beloved Northwind, welcome to Metal Invader! I am very pleased that you are devoting time for this interview, especially now that you made your comeback! First, are you all well? What have you been up to these days?

Good evening and thank you very much for the time you dedicate to us. We are all really well, in a beautiful and creative phase.

I guess you just came back from Athens, where you performed at Up The Hammers. Firstly, how was it like and what were the impressions you gained?

We returned very satisfied, we felt that the crowd truly enjoyed us, and that means a lot because it was our first show ever in Athens. Everything was stunning, the organization was very good, and the crowd was incredible, so thank you for everything from the bottom of our heart!

Second, Northwind’s first appearance in Athens. Despite the number of your shows in every other part of Greece, Athens has never had the chance to enjoy you. Why / how did this happen?

I guess it just didn’t happen, that’s how reality happened.

Since we dived a bit in the past, Northwind in 1982 left their print in the music history, with a debut albumthat was so pioneering and still to be remembered as a masterpiece, at a time wheneverything all against hard rock and heavy metal in Greece. Originally, where did the inspiration come from? How did you get into that musical result?

The inspiration came from the general music preferences we had back then, the result came from the collective work among everyone in the band; that’s how ‘Northcomin’ emerged. It’s not that we aimed for it, we just did what we felt, and despite the difficult conditions of the time that prevailed in Greece in this kind of music, we managed to release the album and so we made our first big step that established us.

When you released “Northcomin” via Polygram, did you have the belief, the notion that it would really connect with the crowd? Did you believe it would create all this hype?

We believed it would touch the crowd because that was our purpose, but we did not expect it to such an extent. Now, if all this has been transformed into a heritage for the next generations, only honor and joy can bring us… I would call it an informal vindication, without much exaggeration though.

At some point you recorded a third album that had the temporary title “Rocks and Stones” but never released. Why has this happened?

We travelled to London in 1992 and recorded the whole thing at Metropolis Studios, which is one of the best recording studios in the world. We finished four songs, but we did not go any further… it’s a bitter story.

Objectively, you never broke up as a band, you basically just had a record break. Why has this happened? Were you losing interest or were there other situations that prevented you from continuing your work?

What happened to us, has happened to many other bands; negligence, quarrels, personal disputes or problems… all that characterizes a GOOD ROCK BAND though!!!

Last March Northwind began to roar again, hada reunion show at Eightball in Thessaloniki. A great night for so many reasons for us under the stage… But for you, how was it? What feelings emerged by seeing so many people loyal to the band after so many years having the time of their lives?

Unlimited flow of emotion and a great thank you to all those people who remembered us and honored us with their presence. The words are only few to describe how we felt.

At that show, we heard for the first time a few new tracks that – as mentioned – are going to be released on your new record. Now, when should we expect the new album to be released and what to expect from it music – wise? What’s new with Northwind?

We hope it will be ready by the end of this year. It will be a continuation of ‘Mythology’ and will be called ‘History’ referring to the historical times of ancient Greece, as regards the lyrical level. Generally, in Northwind we think we still have something to offer, no matter how youngor old you are; music is not age. That’s what’s nice with it. You never know what to expect. As I said before, we are in a creative phase and we just enjoy it.

Generalizing the question, what has changed and what has remained the same for Northwind over time?

By growing up and having a lot of experience on your back, you see things more clearly, otherwise the same passion and the same energy remains.

Northwind are about to hit the stage again in a few days! What should we expect this time?

Even more bursts of energy, some additions to our set, etc… We don’t have to say much, we’ll say what we need to say on stage… Sure thing is that we will have fun both on and off stage!

Thank you again for making the time for this interview, much appreciated. We will see each other at you show at Eightball Live Stage! Would you like to send any messages to our readers?

WE thank you for the hospitality and your questions, we’re utterly happy for coming back and from now on you’ll hear more from us! Take care!