Good evening guys! It has been some time since you were last hosted in Metal Invader and I think there is a lot to say. How are things at the Null ‘O’ Zero camp?

Good evening to you to! Yes, it’s been some time… things are excellent and it seems they get even better! With a new album and an incredible concert ahead, the new season is starting with the best signs… Our morale is high and we are awaiting for the future to reveal what it holds for us.

Your new album ‘Instructions To Dominate’ came right on time to give you the perfect push for your appearance in last year’s Rockwave! How did that approach happen and how did you feel when you realized you are going to play alongside all those beasts?

Not much to say, this is the dream of a lifetime. A lovely morning the phone rung and somebody asked if we would be interested in playing in Rockwave the same day as Judas Priest. Truth is I got stuck for a bit… You don’t have this happening often. Our joy coud not be described and we were waiting impatiently for that day! For sure it was be an all day party and we experienced it accordingly… This was the best Rockwave ever and whoever wasn’t able come, regreted it… That’s for sure!

Which was the band that you couldn’t just wait to see there?

First of all Iron Maiden which is my favourite band and I haven’t seen them for years. Then Judas Priest which is my second favourite band and they came coming with a great record and then all the other bands that completed the bill. This was legendary… Especially the day with Priest – Accept – Saxon, we are talking about the perfect combination.

Let’s get back to the new album, which will be released through ROAR! as well. It seems you have a relationship based on trust?

Truth is our collaboration is going really well and they have embraced our vision, as we have embraced theirs. It is pleasant to have a team that works hard for you and brings back results making well thought and precise moves. We know that they did a great job and pushed the “Enemy” release and we know now that they are going to do even more for us. That’s what we are looking for at the end! To have a company that stands behind you and boosts, not pressing 100 copies and let you swim in the ocean. Unfortunately, you hear about weird things going on in the business and as long as we have the privilege of choice, we would prefer to work with professionals, because the band’s work is also professional.

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What is there to listen in your album?

‘Instructions’ is a dark album with a distinct feeling… It stays true to the philosophy of the band and contains all the elements that one can find interesting in us… With the first few listens one can realize that the new record is aggressive and at the same time melodic. The melodic choruses can hook you up and make you sing them all the time, but also the dynamic of the band is present, a basic element for us. With some more listens you easily understand the dark atmosphere of the album without having a negative feeling at the end… I can safely say that it won’t take you long to press play again after the last note of the record, in order for this musical journey to reveal its hidden secrets…Your last album was released two years ago, in 2016. How did you chose to not release anything last year?

Last year was really hard for everyone, we had to face very difficult situations. Despite that, the band remained active. As soon the “Enemy” circle was complete, we started working on the next album, so if you think that we were promoting “Enemy” for the whole of 2016 and we wrote, pre-produced and recorded the next one throughout 2017, that means that we were actually very active…. This time we worked a bit more secretly in comparison with the first one, that’s why our small absence in 2017 might have been felt. This time we said “no bullshit, we are writing a record now” and we got down to it and the result justifies that….

I read in your press release that: ‘… it’s about an album that was recorded in a very difficult period of the band. This is the reason why this album is not aggressive and is led by emotions – anger, sorrow, pain, disappointment – but gives also hope to take the courage to stand with our heads held high.’ Talk to us about the songwriting process and recording of ‘Instructions To Dominate’ in that hard period.

History has proven that the arts are blooming under dire conditions… This happened with the creation of our new record as well! There were some things going on that had an impact on us as a band, but also as personalities. Indeed, all these emotions have gone through our songs as compositions, as also as performance. The recording process went really well, since all the people that collaborated with us created an ideal situation for the recordings. We had a great time and had loads of fun despite the fact we were emotionally charged. Now, during the process of creating the record, which was the time when all those things happened, I can say that only if you follow the evolution of songwriting you could understand how the songs changed and how dark the scenery was becoming. It was a really strange feeling to realize the change, but at the end something genuine came up that could transmit all the emotions with precision.

Another way to promote your music is your video clips. The first one you presented from your upcoming record is for the song ‘The Last One’, which was directed by Bob Katsionis. Youtube seems to be the main medium through which people listen to music. Do you agree with that development?

Even though I don’t want to agree, I have caught myself checking youtube very often… For better or for worse people is turning to the internet for anything! Of course I don’t think it’s bad to listen to music through the internet, it’s bad to ask google about your health, but I think the magic is lost! Not only in music, in general, but specifically about music, it’s a shame that you can’t appreciate a good record anymore. Only hits and instant songs, which are aiming in a pay per view relationship with the listener. In general I am listening to music through youtube and spotify, but I am a bit old school and I continue to buy cds, dvds and I enjoy them as a complete piece from the beginning to the end. You can’t push anyone to follow your way, so you chose your target group and act accordingly.

Few months after the release of their extraordinary new Instructions to Dominate album, and following their participation in Rockwave Festival 2018 (w/ Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon, Sabaton, Volbeat), Null’o’zero are preparing to get on Kyttaro’s stage on December 2nd, 2018. A first assessment of how the album was welcomed by the fans?

So far, the feedback is great regarding to the fans attitude and that of the press! We know it’s a very strong work and we were expecting good reviews, but things are even better than we thought! We are very glad that the world embraced our new work as it is a record that came out in a strange period and in the end we’ve left our mark! We will continue to promote it to reach as many people as it really deserves!

And as I said before you are preparing for your own live on KYTTARO to present the new album. How do you feel? Is there anxiety always before a live show?

We really feel great and we can’t wait to get on Kyttaro’s stage! We are very excited to present the new album live and I can say that it will be a very good performance as  we have already seen from the rehearsals that we are in very good shape! Now, as far as  the stress is concerned, there is always more or less, especially when you take all the risk on your backs. But we think that everything will go smoothly as we have a very strong act and a very low price ticket for what we offer, and that is three bands! We are waiting for you all to take off this concert and we are sure that this is going to be an unforgettable live for everyone!

Next stop after Kyttaro? You mentioned in an older interview with us about thinking about going abroad for a few shows. Are you closer to these plans?

I think we are relatively close! After Kyttaro we have not closed anything yet but we are open to suggestions for any live show in different places around Greece! If the opportunity arrives we will be very happy to play in other cities as well. Right now the band’s plans are to leave the greek boarders, which we hope will come soon! We want it this for a long time and we have not even tried it yet! But now with Instructions in our hands, I think it’s the perfect opportunity!

Your epilogue! Thank you once again for the interview you gave us.

We thank you for being next to us and actively supporting our Event! We are waiting for you all to be there and destroy everything. You just bring your best mood and let leave everything else to us!

…Countdown to Zero …