Ocean of Grief are the fresh blood in a doom / death scene that is lately boiling, and this year they released their, very good, first full work “Nightfall’s Lament”. Metal Invader discussed with them out subjects around the band and their future.

Hello and welcome to Metal Invader. Before starting, give us some general information about the band. A short biography…

Hi and thank you for the invitation!

We are a melodic doom/death metal band from Athens and during the summer of 2014, we did our first rehearsals that led to the creation of Ocean of Grief.

On February 2016 we released our first EP entitled “Fortress of my Dark Self” through the Russian GS Productions, while later that year we released a single “After A Long Time” in digital format. Finally, on the 24th of January, 2018 we released our first full length album “Nightfall’s Lament” through the German Rain Without End Records (Naturmacht Productions).

Let’s talk about your new record “Nightfall’s Lament”. Where was it recorded and who did the mixing / mastering?

The recording of the drums was done at the place of our drummer (Thomas) while the guitars were done in Filippos’ place, which also did the mixing and mastering of the album. The vocals were recorded at a friend’s house, which had a musically fitting room for us to use.

I could not leave out the very beautiful and atmospheric cover, who created it?

All of our artworks was done by the Russian artist Vergvoktre. It took us a long time to find an appropriate artist who has handled our albums but I believe that despite the difficulties, we finally found the one.

Are you 100% happy with the final result? Would you change anything from the record if you could?

We are very satisfied with the final result but not at 100%. I believe that after the completion of an album, as time goes by, there are small things that you could have done differently. I think this is natural and the fact that it happens, means you grow.

Are there any plans for concerts about the promotion of the record?

Right now there isn’t anything specific coming up, since Filippos is serving in the army, but we will be ready in case something good appears. With the new season, we will be very active!

How did the collaboration with Naturmacht Productions / Rain Without End Records happen?

When the musical and visual part of the record was completed, we started searching for a label and we wanted something good here too. We picked out the ones that we liked and we contacted them. One of them that replied was Rain Without End, who has some of our favorite bands of the genre. This combined with the good deal they offered us and the fact that the owner is very talkative, made us decide to sign there.

The feelings provoked from your music are dark and melancholic; do they depict your internal world? What I mean is, how are you in your personal lives? How easy is it to transform after all?

Music, like all art forms, is a way of expression. Through that you can tell as much you can’t tell in words, very often. So yes, it does depict our inside world regardless of how much we want to show it in our everyday life.

What’s your opinion on the doom/death scene of today in Greece and in the world? Have you noticed a new band making a difference?

The doom/death scene has always been, in Greece and worldwide, quite small. However, the last few years there is some movement in the country, with Decemberance releasing a new album after almost ten years, Immersity released their first album and the big return of On Thorns I Lay happened. Generally, there is an attempt to gather a Greek scene of bands, which can only be good. In the future, more interesting things will be announced.

What is your biggest lyrical / musical influence?

I can’t talk for the lyrics because our singer is the sole responsible for them. For a musical influence, we are inspired by everything, by playing with the guitar or bass, or by a simple rhythm someone will think. Anything can inspire us as long us we are in the right mood.

Are there other bands / projects that the members of OCEAN OF GRIEF are related to?

Right now, our keyboardist Aris, plays in many bands (like Meden Agan), the rest of us are focused in Ocean of Grief.

The closing is yours…

Thanks a lot for the interest and the support of Metal Invader, and mainly the metal scene in Greece already from our first EP. I don’t think words can describe how important they are. We hope to see you all soon in a live show.