Good evening guys from Greece and Metal Invader! Hope the quarantine is treating you well! What have you been up to these days?

Hey there. Since we couldn’t get into our rehearsal space during the last months, so we tried to do some online “rehearsing” which actually went better than expected. Apart from that, it’s mostly sitting at home and now we are looking forward to actually meet and rehearse in person again.

You’ve got a new EP coming up and you’ve already released its first single “Children Of Death” which has actually gathered positive feedback; can you give us a bit of intel about the upcoming release? What should we expect?

It’s a 4 song EP consisting of songs we have written since releasing “Ruins”, our last album, in 2018. It’s also a step away from the very “thrashy” sound of that album into a more “Deathrash”-oldschool-grind-punky direction, sort of. And we recorded and mixed it all diy again, only the mastering was done by a professional.

It’s been eight years since the formation of Panzer Squad. What led you into forming this band, whose idea was it and what were your ambitions back then?

No idea man, it feels like we are a completely different band by now. We don’t even listen to the old stuff anymore. We tried playing it once at a rehearsal and couldn’t even do that.

What were/are your main influences and with which bands do you have the dream of sharing the stage?

One that hasn’t changed over the years is Toxic Holocaust. Right now, some big influences on us and our songwriting are probably Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Death Toll 80k and old Sodom. And Sarcofago! Aghhh!!
And we would absolutely love to share the stage with Ratfeast once in our lives.

Reflecting back in time, would you say you have achieved any goals set? What has changed and what has remained the same since 2012?

Hm. Back when we started the band, we were all in our early 20s or even younger and our focus was more on playing “pizza thrashy” stuff and more light-hearted topics. Apart from the lineup changes we feel much more mature and serious in most aspects now. Releasing an LP was always a dream and we got to do that, so there you have a goal. What has remained the same? We write whatever we feel like with no real concept or “style guide” behind it. If that means that every release sounds different, that is fine with us.

This whole Coronavirus outbreak, besides taking its toll on peoples’ lives, it has also caused major changes in the world we’re living. How has this outbreak affected you and how do you imagine the day after? Will music and local scenes thrive again soon?

For us it has been a complete shutdown of our musical activities so far as our rehearsal space was forced to close due to regulations. Right now, it seems unlikely that our local venues will open again in the coming months. After that, who knows? Hopefully, the whole DIY scene will survive this crisis mostly undamaged.

You were forced to postpone your tour with Moribund Scum and push it back to October; how difficult is it to reroute your entire tour and what advice would you give to those who share the same shoes these days?

We are currently rescheduling the whole tour. What was supposed to be a European tour will now be Germany only, as it is much safer to plan that way. But if that tour will actually happen, no idea. Our advice: Don’t give up hope, but don’t be too optimistic. Drinking alone at home is always an option!

Quarantine has given all of us the time to listen to some more music and dwell in various moods; what’s on your playlist these days? What would you recommend to us?

Some stuff we’ve been listening to lately a lot:

  • Traveller – S/T
  • Riot City – Burn the Night
  • Caustic Wound – Death Posture
  • Excrutiating Terror – Expression Of Pain
  • Sanguine Relic – S/T
  • Молчат Дома – Этажи
  • Black Curse – Endless Wound
  • The Chameleons – Script Of The Bridge
  • Stallion – Slaves Of Time

What will be Panzer Squad’s next step? Or is it too early to set a new goal?

Next step: Rehearsing again! We have already written 11 songs for the next album, so we will work on that. If everything works out as planned, we will enter the studio in October this year.

That’s all from me for now; thanks for taking the time! Would you like to send any messages to our readers across the globe?

Thanks for the interview. To all people out there, stay healthy and safe in these turbulent times. Support your local DIY structures and antifascist groups!