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Interview by Kostas Gkekas

Congratulations on your new album. What are your plans to promote it? Thinking about a 7″ single release, or perhaps a tour?

At the moment this is something handled by our label. Generally, only time will tell. There’s always something coming up!

PhaseReverseCoverYouniverse-1750-x-1750-600x600”Youniverse”… Interesting pun. What does the title of the album tells us?

That everything revolves around yourself and you’ve created your own universe and live in it considering that it is the real world around you and everybody belongs to it.

I think ”Downfall’’ is the best track of ‘’Youniverse’’ having the most interesting composition you’ve ever written in your career. It stands out amongst the other tracks, in terms of style. Do you share these thoughts, as well?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to discern or distinguish a song. Usually the others around us do better than us in such things!

Why did you decide to do a video clip?

We shot this video because that’s what was decided by our label. We on the other hand believe that the way the clip was shot and the things it represents are fully in line with the meaning of the song.

What procedures are followed for the synthesis of a song? Who is the main composer and lyricist of the band?

We don’t follow any particular process, there is just inspiration. If anyone has an idea, he brings it at work and then something is born. We all have a share in it.

You accept the term “spiritual children of BLS”?1385697_10202482225521906_1426021838_n



What message do Phase Reverse want to convey with their music and their lyrics?

Unfortunately, we are forced to write songs for the crappy situations we are going through and want to awaken the people. The situations we’ve been through these last years are grotesque and the only hope for the better is reaction-resistance.

Do you think you can widen your crowd abroad, in places like America, since your style is close to the “Southern” one?

It depends what you mean with “widen”. Most of our fans are in America anyway. At some point, sooner or later we will play there too.

Do any of you participate as members in other bands / projects or have you focused exclusively on Phase Reverse?

We play as session musicians on various projects, but for us the band is our main priority.

Do you live from music or do you do other jobs to make a living? Can a Greek band provide for itself by recording albums and making concerts?

We all live from music or do jobs that are close to it. To succeed in earning a living by music requires guts and dedication.

Should we expect a live album any time soon?

We’ve always preferred the live projects. It is possible, but it won’t happen soon.

And finally, share a message to the readers of Metal Invader.

Stay strong!

May the Phase be with you …!