Interview with Pigskinner

Do you like pork? You’re in the right place. Pigskinner is a young and promising band with a promo of 3 pieces… Without any distractions, meet Pigskinner!

Hi John, tell us a little about their Pigskinner.

Pigskinner was created in early 2015 when I was looking for a “way” to channel the most extreme ideas I had. Essentially the band was created in an afternoon and out of nothing when I put down some riffs and started jamming. Beyond that, everything went their own way.

Firstly the cover art of the promo has a piggy on it. You do like pork, right?

Who doesn’t love pork? Hahaha! When things go financially well I may invest in a ewe in the future.

The promo consists of 3 pieces. What is the story behind this?

There is no particular story, a theme, behind the tracks. “Vanity” focuses on the vanity of many wanna-be “stars”, which is why it has an intro of a known vocalist (names shall not be spoken, reputations shall not be aggrieved). “Dude, Chillax” is more straight – forward track. Generally relax. And the last is a cover of “Born To Murder The World” by Last Days Of Humanity. It is for those who never managed to relax. Hahaha!

One man band then. How come?

When you are alone, there’s an upside and a downside. I’ve been a member of several bands and this time I wanted to do something that mostly humorous, to spend my time in creativity.  Surely, you are not assisted by a full band, but you have complete control over when and how you will work your music, how to promote it, etc.

What prompted you to write this kind of music? We’re talking about grindcore! Definitely it’s not a genre accepted by everybody.

It’s a genre that oftenly doesn’t take itself seriously and I like that. It consists of this punk aggression and has the rawness of metal; it has everything. It is probably the most open – if we can say that – genre of extreme sound.

What are your influences?

In Pigskinner’s music one can find the craze of Birdflesh up to the “porkyness” of Last Days Of Humanity. Generally there are many bands that have affected me. It would be a lie to say that we have not been enlightened by bands like Napalm Death and Agoraphobic Nosebleed as far as Pigskinner go.

Personally, I really dig with pieces. Congrats! When composing, do you firstly write the music and then their lyrics? Or the other way around? What’s your composition process?

First of all, thank you very much for your compliments! Music usually precedes the lyrics. Well, let’s say that’s the only thing that actually happens. I write the riffs, work on the tracks and at the end I’m working on the theme of tracks.

As far as I know Pigskinner’s material was released electronically. Will there be any physical format of your promo or maybe any t – shirts?

The first Pigskinner’s album, which will be titled “Leech” is already ready and will be released in both digital and physical copies. Designs for t-shirts, etc. certainly exist but many of that stuff will depend on the economic opportunities that will exist. I wish everything to go well because the graphics handled by a very talented man, John of Mortal Torment; whatever he touches is turned into gold. There are general ideas for beautiful things.

Would you be interested in finding a label that will you release your material?

Certainly, that wouldn’t be bad. At the moment the band is working on a DIY basis but a label would certainly help with the situation. You hear Relapse; I hear you say.

What are your plans for the future about Pigskinner?

There is no specific plan to tell you the truth and that’s what I like about Pigskinner. There is no time pressure or anything at anything I do. If I want to release a record tomorrow, I take actually release it tomorrow. If I don’t want to, I can freeze the project and see later. At the moment the basic plan is to write music that I like myself first and then time will tell.

Lately the extreme genre Is flourishing within the borders of our country. What’s your opinion about that? Are there any bands that stand out for you?

Just one or two? The domestic scene is now extremely strong, especially in the extreme sound. Mortal Torment for example have climbed many steps in recent years. Slavebreed remain a constant value to grindcore. Sarabante is also a time – bomb. There are Vulnus as well, who return with new album, Terrordrome and Birth Through Gore from Thessaloniki, the gods Inveracity, the excellent Progress Of Inhumanity and crust punkers Procrastinate from our homeland, Karditsa (well we should praise our home, you know the saying…). I stop here because if I keep talking, we’ll burn ourselves…

That’s all from me! The end is yours!

The epilogue is for me? Hold your horses! I ain’t touching other peoples’ stuff! I’ll stop joking now now. Thanks for the time and space that you allocated for Pigskinner. Now go eat some bacon! One way or another we will all die. Isn’t it a pity to die hungry?