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The only way i want to introduce this interview is by writing ‘Sex and violence on Planet Zeus…’

Hello, I am Lilliana and I welcome you to Metal Invader. Four albums, eight european tour (one as a main support to Clutch) and your first live album later, I have to admit that you can’t stand still for sure! Many things must have been already checked off on your to-do list, at least for many people. How many to-do’s are in that list yet?

Good evening Lilliana! If we ever try to stand still we will be possibly struck with boredom. We try to set new goals every time, and face each challenge in a positive manner, in order to have the right motivation. Our to-do list is neverending and we are feel very lucky about that.

Let’s talk about this 2-day live you had scheduled during your European tour and the idea behind the live album…

The initial idea came from Babis about 3 years ago and he planted it in our minds ever since. Many bands we love release a live album every 3-4 studio albums. So we decided that after four albums; we decided to “print” our songs in a live form, along with the people support us in this journey. As for our recent European tour, we saw how things roll when after a long time, your efforts are rewarded. We visited some cities we had already been to, while some others for the first time, and our impressions are more than positive.

Your next stop is the Streetmode Festival; Are you mostly fond of headlining shows, where people are already familiar with you and your shows, or festivals, where there’s this big variety of people?

The truth is we love both. Headline shows are definitely magical, when the venue is packed with people that love you. It is also great when people get to know you and have never seen you before.

Photo by Evan Maragkoudakis

Which is the ultimate rock live band of all times for you? (this sounded like the ultimate Greek idol in my head)

We surely had a different opinion on that; then the Hills of Rock festival in Bulgaria came, when we played as a support group for Iron Maiden, so now our opinion is common!

Your sound has evolved a lot as the years go by, while it keeps on changing. How important is that for an artist and of course, for a band?

To remain steady is dead end. It leads, in a mathematic accuracy, to saturation. All the bands we love a certain thing in common; they always add new spices in their sound and were never afraid of change.

How hard it is to create an album that can be characterized as your “best album so far”? Have you ever felt blacked out?

The writer’s block is a natural consequence in our minds, so we deal with it with patience, while with a creative perspective. It’s a first class chance to clear your head and make a new start. Each release is a special chapter, both musically and emotionally. Each albums indicated what the band and its members have in mind; what they listen to at that period, how they get it and how they put in the band’s material.

Which is the secret recipe to success? Hard work, talent or some bit of luck?

A mix of all these, in the right amount.

In a Metal Invader review, our editor Themistoklas wrote “It’s a monolithic baby crossing California in a chevy with a new clutch while listening to John Lee Hooker, going to find Brant Bjork and attend together the last gig of Grand Funk Railroad.” How close to your sound is this statement?

In pure honesty, this description brought in my mind a sweet confusion. What I’m getting from that is that our recent album is a mixture of many musical influences.

Was there a moment you told each other that you have to leave the Greek borders?

If there was such moment, it was in 2011 at the An Club, a few months after the release of Macho Libre.

The Hellenic scene has taken over and it has nothing to envy from the European or the U.S. Scenes. I’m sure you keep up with new music, so, what Greek bands we should keep a close eye on?

I will probably forget some, but a few worth mentioning are Whereswilder, Tuber, Supersoul, Despite Everything, Wish On A Star, Puta Volcano and Deaf Radio.

How much of an expensive sport is an off the borders career?

In the first steps it’s mostly about expenses rather than income. With consistensy and steady steps, all balances are changing.

So, your 10th anniversary is on the way. What to expect from you within the next 10 years?

Albums, tours (both in Greece and international), video clips, live videos; generally things we do right know already, but more intensely.

The epilogue is on you. Thank you for the interview and see you in Thessaloniki!

Thanks to Metal Invader for having us and to all those that keep on supporting us in every way!