You’re one of the most historical bands in the Greek scene.  Give us a brief biography of Power Crue.

Unfortunately I cannot do it, as I suffer from senile dementia… But I’ve noted next to my home phone number that we were founded in 1986…

What elapsed since the release of “Wreck the Eternal Tyranny” of 2012? Talk to us about the ways you promoted it and the feedback this release gave you.

All our releases are independent of each other and promote our work by our own means (facebook, concerts) … “Wreck” is one of our best releases, got great reviews but most importantly it satisfied largely our own selfishness and I believe this is the artistic aim of the artists! At that time we released a live DVD «Alive again», as well, for the 25 years of the band…

PowerCrue has always had social / political stance, if you want like, through which went / still go, the lyrics of their songs. On this occasion, talk to us about the issues that the band addresses on the lyrical spectrum.

Few listeners are the ones who deal with the lyrics of the tracks… Personally it’s a very interesting area and whenever I write lyrics, I infuse a piece of me… There are no worries at all, whether the lyrics are understood or accepted… I’ve met people who would find a hidden “treasure” in my lyrics and admit that this gave me a lot of pleasure…

Another standard question: talk to me about your musical influences, alleged to be the expected classical ones, but I want you to have a word on it.

The musical path of the band, as I see it, from the first release “Sign of rage” to date, presents a diversification… A development that satisfies me as an artist, because I hate the stagnation… I won’t put identification tags on our sound, because what we produce is a result of inspiration, not replication. Everyone can make their own parallels…

I want you to talk to me about the way you compose / build tracks in the studio.

When we don’t act like infants and clowns on the basic ideas, we all have to add our music opinions … It’s a collective process, highly stimulating and hope to remain as it is.

Plans for the future? New releases? Concerts?

We’ve been preparing the tracks for our next release, which is not certain when it will be implemented in 2015, because it will be more than just a recording… Certainly in 2016, however… We are always prepared for live gigs and as soon as we book something, you;ll know.

You can finish this interview anyway you want it; we wait for a bad-ass and whole-hearted show. Personally speaking, you’re one of the bands I crave watching live!

Thank you for your hospitality. Summing up, I’d like to say that music is not a battlefield, but a field of creation and amusement. Putting on labels, confronting each other and immature acts, have no place in our philosophy. We play music from the bottom of our hearts. STAY HEAVY!!!