In 2026 Power Face will be preparing for their HUGE reunion gig Refused-style at Wacken or Groezrock or something with a maxed out tour of Japan shortly afterwards, amongst other exaggerations rock stars do.Of course this may not ever happen so since we have 10 years to wait until that time we can relax and push play hearing their s/t 7” and read the following interview with Oskar Edberg their singer…

Since it is the first interview of the band on Invader, tell us a little about you! When, how and why you started Power Face?

Well we’ve all known each other for a long time through putting up shows and playing in bands, but the origins of Power Face specifically are that Jerka (guitar) and Leo (drums) both played in a hardcore/punk band called Låt Dom Hata Oss that decided to call it quits. So then Jerka and Leo had a couple of songs they realized weren’t going to end up in the Låt Dom Hata Oss repertoire so they pretty much decided to start a new band right away seeing as they had a pretty good foundation to do so upon. I (Oskar, vocals) got a message from Leo that said something like “hey me and Jerka are starting a new band and we want you to be the singer, you down?” At the time I had never done that in a band so I immediately got equal parts super excited and freaked the fuck out. But we did a couple of rehearsals and it all came pretty natural, and once we realized our good friend Adam (bass) was the obvious choice as a bass player I think we all felt like we had a pretty good thing going. This all happened in like January 2015, so we’ve been trying to keep it up ever since.

You got quite a catchy name and pretty suitable with your music. Whose idea was it?

I’m not really sure who came up with the actual name but I remember us just trying to think of all these cool words that would work as part of a band name. So I think we pretty much made like a mental list of cool words that we felt were representative of the music and then tried them out in different combinations and Power Face was the one that stuck. Face the Power!

Who wrote the lyrics of the songs?  Do you feel the need to write more personal lyrics or only social / political complexion?

I (Oskar) write all of the lyrics and all of the singing arrangements, mainly I think because I’m not that good at taking criticism from others or trying to adapt to other peoples ideas of how things should be done “artistically”. So I feel pretty comfortable just listening to what the other guys come up with and then trying to do something with my voice that sounds good on top of that. I guess the main thing I always try to do when I write lyrics is to not be predictable. I obviously love a lot of the classic punk and hardcore lyricists but if I were to write stuff that sounds like yet another Nervous Breakdown rip-off I would fucking quit immediately, even if those are the kind of lyrics that I might actually end up with if I were to write exactly what I’m feeling. So I guess I want the lyrics to be personal and to be able to mean something to whoever is listening, but I want it to be presented in a way that feels at least a little bit surprising and I think that’s why most of the lyrics that inspire me to write my own come from heavy metal and classic rock and things like that. Did that answer the question at all?

If you had to rank you in a certain genre, you could say that you are a punk/hardcore band, and I imagine you will agree with this characterization? Who writes the music tracks and what bands do you consider having a significant effect on your sound?

I think we ourselves feel that we flirt a lot with rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal, almost to the point of having this self-image of being some kind of crossover band, but I think most people that hear us just feel like we’re a pretty straight forward punk/hardcore band. Which is fine obviously, but we really just want to play whatever we feel rocks and rolls, and a lot of times that means playing hardcore stuff! The other guys do all of the riffs and music and stuff but between them it’s a collective thing. Bands that we often talk about and use as a point of reference when writing songs include Long Knife, KISS, Metallica, Headed for Disaster, Ramones and Night Fever, just to name a few.

Listening to your tracks one understands that there’s a lot of energy in you and much aggression too. How easy to transform this power inside you to art?

That’s actually a good question because even if you write the angriest fucking lyrics and the most bone crushing riffs or whatever it’s all for nothing if you don’t play it with passion. So I think it’s actually kind of hard and something you have to work on constantly if you really want to convey that sense of power and aggression. But as long as you hit hard on the drums, scream with your entire body and play downstrokes whenever possible I think that a lot of the work is done right there. That being said, rock ‘n’ roll and the act of transforming power and aggression into “art” comes from showing that you feel passionately about what you do, so the moment musicians start to do things half assed and stop making an effort that’s when they lose that ability.

Extreme sound is very popular in Sweden from Punk to Heavy Metal and from Death to Rock sound, how do you explain this phenomenon?

I’m not really sure but I think some contributing factors might be that we have a really good educational system for music that means that pretty much anyone can learn how to play, and the fact that we already have a lot of great hardcore, punk, metal and rock scenes all over the country. Good breeds good you know? So even if you come from a small town where there are virtually no punk bands there’s a good chance that there’s something happening somewhere in the next town or the town after that etc. that might inspire you to do something on your own.

Have you ever played live outside Sweden? Is it possible for you to be part of a big festival or a European tour with bigger names of the genre?

We actually haven’t. Yet. I mean we want to play as much as possible and if some festival or big band gave us a call I don’t think we’d be opposed to the idea of playing that sort of gig, but it’s not like a goal we have or anything. We do want to do an actual tour sometime soon though, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

How do you imagine Power Face after 10 years?

HUGE reunion gig Refused-style at Wacken or Groezrock or something with a maxed out tour of Japan shortly afterwards! We finally start making some money after years and years of self-sacrificing DIY-labor (not to mention a dramatic break-up in 2022 due to drug abuse and all around rock ‘n’ roll diva bullshit) and immediately get labeled as sell-outs by pretty much everyone with a blog. Leo releases a best-selling autobiography, Adam makes it big as a genius musician/producer and Jerka travels to the moon as mankind’s first ever rockstar/astronaut. I myself move to a cabin in the woods, and is never heard from again.

When about to wait for the release of your first album?

First off we’re going to record and release a second 7’’. We hope to have it out before 2016 is over but since Adam just recently became a father things move a bit slow in the Power Face camp. But we’re always writing new music and as soon as things are a little bit more stable we will start making plans for future releases as well, which could very well include a full-length album. Not making any promises though!

What was the reception from your first release? Critics and fans.

A lot of people have seemed to really enjoy it and I guess our critics haven’t really made a lot of noise, so it’s been good! At our shows there has always been at least someone singing along and I think that’s pretty much the greatest recognition you’re ever going to get as a band, that someone actually bothered to listen to the music enough to even memorize some of the words. I know it sounds kind of trivial or whatever but to me that’s the greatest honor I could ever imagine as a musician.

Can you name some Swedish hardcore/punk underground we should check immediately?

There are so many I don’t even know where to begin! A band that hardly ever gets any recognition that I would like to mention is a band called Fukushima from Umeå. Before splitting up last year they managed to release a self-titled 7’’ and a full-length called Invisible Hand and it’s just some of the greatest hardcore rock ‘n’ roll insanity produced anywhere in the world the last couple of years. Check that shit out! Another band that is sadly just a couple of months away from doing their last shows ever is Medea. Killer crossover mania from Stockholm and some of the greatest people you’re ever going to meet yet sadly underrated. There are of course a ton of new bands that are alive and kicking ass as well, such as Dogface, Self Surgery, Twin Pigs, Lowest Creature, Axe Rash etc. etc. but I figure those bands are going to make themselves heard pretty soon anyway!

Closing yours!

Thanks for having us! Rock on, keep the faith and respect the riff!