Just a turn before their Release Show at Eightball Live Stage, Greek Modern Metallers Psyanide talk to Metal Invader about everything!

Hello guys and welcome to Metal Invader! I’m hoping everyone’s well! What’s the deal these days? Are you getting prepared for your show at Eightball Live Stage?

Hello and thank you for hosting us! We are truly in the best possible shape since the day we initially formed the band. We feel satisfied that we finally managed to release our first album and we’re looking forward to our Release Show on April 27th at Eightball! We’ve been longing for this show quite some time now, so rest assured, we come prepared!

You’ll be sharing the stage with Inhuman Rage, Destiny Default and Turbocharger! What to expect from your appearance?

We are very happy to share the stage with all the guys. All the bands will give their best and have a good time. We will offer a “war” at Eightball and we’re hoping the crowd will follow us and ‘break’ everything together.

If I’m not mistaken, you went through a small period of introversion or is it my idea? You were somewhat quite in the time that’s passed.

That’s true. In the last year we dedicated ourselves to recording the album and since September 2017 we elaborated on how it will be released, so we didn’t give any shows, except for an underground secret show in Katerini that we wanted to test our new songs and that went incredibly well.

How much has Psyanide changed and on what levels have they remained the same in this  new album? What do you think are the focal points that your listener should focus on?

Surely we have matured synthetically, we have certainly evolved in terms of performing and perhaps we are one step closer to what we want in order to create our sound, thus creating our own identity that will make the listener listen to our music and spontaneously say “Hey, that’s Psyanide!”; a task which is difficult and perhaps the key for a band to stand out. When someone listens to our record, they will surely understand our influences, they are very obvious, as it is obvious that we are intermingling many subgenres of hard music altogether. So if you ask us where the listener should focus, perhaps that will lay upon the will to understand how we mix everything and decide whether this mixture fits their tastes.

If I’m not wrong, “I Declare War” will be your full length debut, right? How different is it to complete your first official album, regardless of the previous EP / Single releases?

Yes, exactly. This is our debut full length album! We believe the first album is the transition from being an underground band to a professional band. You begin to see things more seriously, you invest time, work, money in what you are doing and you get ambitions. EPs are just a taste of what’s to come. The album is really incredible and unique, especially if you realize what it means to enter new paths as a band. For example, when we released our first EP the crowd became familiar with the band and said “Keep working hard!”. That phrase translates into a full album, and when that album comes, that same crowd will walk up to you and give you congratulations, just because it’s now clear that you have devoted yourself to something, If the album is good, then you have won that crowd! We’re hoping that’ll e the case with “I Declare War” and to satisfy everyone with our result, especiallythe ones that have expectations of us.

What was the creative and compositional process of “I Declare War”? How did you get to this result?

The compositional process started in late 2014 early 2015. We wrote several pieces to get the final ten on the record, we played them many times, we were more than sure about some, and finally in 2016 we got to the point of saying that these are the tracks of our first album. Even though it took us a little longer than we expected, re realized that the release of an album is not an easy task, so we trusted Straight From The Heart Records for this.

Why “I Declare War”? Against whom or what? In other words, what are the main lyrical anchors of Psyanide on this album?

We wanted something to indicate the importance of what we are expressing. “I Declare War” declares “war” against today’s mentality. So we are talking about a war against how people survive in the conditions they created but also imposed on them and how they perceive it today. It indicated the war we have declared upon ourselves to escape from this mine we have fallen into, as well.

You have already released a video for the “Premonition” track from your upcoming album. Is there a case for a second?

Yes, of course and that’ll happen soon! Perhaps we shot a video clip that not many people will expect, however that’s where the band will show the magnitude of the mixture of the genres we have created. We hope you like it.

What are the next steps for Psyanide? What do you have in your plans for the future?

Our plans involve live shows around Greece and we’re hoping for some shows abroad. Of course, we have already started composing the tracks for our next release, which is lread going well, faster than the previous release.

Perfect! Thank you for your time, we will definitely say more when we meet. Close the interview as you wish. With a message to our readers perhaps?

We thank you again for the hospitality, we hope that Metal Invader readers will continue to read about the Greek bands that you give them a chance to tell their opinions and what they represent and all together to help raise the scene in our country. We’ll be seeing each other at Eightball Live Stage on April 27th! WE.ARE.THE.UNDERDOGS.!