Greetings from Metal Invader guys! Seems that the moment I’m writing this questionnaire, you’re on the road. How’s the tour been treating you so far?

Our first show in Europe will be tonight – it will be interesting to see how the continent will react to a sound and a look they have never heard or seen before

Even though doom metal on a live stage usually seems to be minimalistic, your live shows create an amazingly tremendous atmosphere. What did you have in mind back while creating the band?

When I approach the stage I consider the urgency of death – I meditate upon the briefness of life and the eternity of the grave – and I am filled with the bestial urges that drive us as we still can take breaths – death is a long and final resignation – life is the fierce resistance to this nullifying stagnation – so when I am upon the stage I channel the disturbing urges that forbid us from resting until the reaper calls our name.

How did the band’s name come up?

We make simple and stupid music about being dead so our name has to be something simple and stupid about being dead – so R.I.P. is perfect.

Your first record is called “Doom is Dead”. Was that some sort of a statement? Can you elaborate on this?

To us, doom music is not a way to tune your guitar or a type of amp to purchase or a kind of scale to play in – it is the mood of the acknowledgement of fear of the death we must all share – doom is nothing if doom is not dead.

Seems like there’s a very thin line nowadays that seperates doom from stoner. How would you call R.I.P.’s music?

We play street doom which is to say music that is not influenced from books or movies or stories about wizards and aliens but from the real fear and madness we experience every day in the streets we all walk.

Especially after the “Street Reaper” album, the band’s musical direction seems to change. Did that happen on purpose?

Each day drags our bodies a little closer to finality – the nearer one becomes to the final silence – the more one can feel the pressure of eternity – if that doesn’t change you then you are not human.

Would you give a shout out to other band’s from Portland, Oregon we should check out?

Our brothers and sisters in Soul Grinder, Bewitcher, Time Rift, Leathürbitch and Purification are leading the next wave of Portland metal.

What should we expect from your show at the Death Disco in Athens, this May?

Death obsessed street doom from the west coast of the USA played by the handsomest Yankees to ever receive passports – an experience whose intensity can only be rivaled by the shock of the end of all your days.

Any plans for a new album are on your calendar?

we are about 1/3 done with our next album you can expect a preview of some new material mixed in with all our classic material at Death Disco this May.

Thank you very much for your time!