We welcome you to Metal Invader. Please give a small biography and introduce us the band.

Hello Greek maniacs! We are Ravensire and we have been active since 2011. We released one miniCD (“Iron Will” in 2012), two albums (“We March Forward” in 2013 and “The Cycle Never Ends” in 2016), and 2 singles (one split with Terminus in 2013 and “Tyrant’s Dictum” in 2017). Right now we’re about to release our new album “A Stone Engraved in Red” which will come out in June through Cruz del Sur Music. The lineup right now consists of Nuno (guitar), Rick (bass/vocals), Mário (guitar) and Alex (drums).

Which are your influences and how would you describe your music?

Ravensire plays raw and passionate Heavy Metal! That’s it! As for influences, they incorporate not only the greats from the past (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Manowar, etc) but also lots of more underground stuff both from the past (Brocas Helm, Deaf Dealer, Holy Terror, Alkateya and others) and the present (Doomsword, Terminus, Slough Feg, etc).

Your latest album is now available via Cruz Del Sur. How important is to work with such a label that has such a great name in the genre?

We have been working with Enrico for a few years now and he does a great job handling Cruz Del Sur and all the bands within his roster. He’s just as passionate about Heavy Metal as any band and we feel this is the perfect place for Ravensire to be!

What can you tell me about the songwriting process and topics, and how long it took?

We started writing for this album almost three years ago, but although it may seem that it was a slow process, it wasn’t really like that. What happened was that we had F (ex-drummer) leaving the band, so things kind of halted a bit. Then, when Alex joined, we had quite a few gigs, so the writing was done in between rehearsals and live appearances. Since we had a busy schedule, it all took a bit longer than expected.  As for the process it’s always like this: someone comes up with the skeleton of a song, then the whole band jams on it and builds the individual parts and finally the vocals and lyrics are done.

When you were writing the album did you had a specific idea of how you wanted the songs sounded like?

Not really, all the songs come out more or less spontaneously. We don’t sit down and go: “let’s make a fast song” or something like that. We prefer to let our inspiration drive the songs to where they naturally have to go!

Which songs from the new album are your favorites?

It’s difficult to answer a question like that, when you’re so involved in all the songwriting. I’m very proud of how all the songs came out, each with its own peculiarities!

Are there any live shows in your plans?

Yes, we want to take “A Stone Engraved in Red” to wherever is possible! Right now we are talking with some promoters about a few European shows, but let’s wait until the actual album official release (in June) to start booking dates.

How easy or difficult is for a true Heavy Metal band/musician to survive and play what his heart wants?

It is very very easy if you do it for the right reasons! If you are passionate about Heavy Metal and if you don’t have any kind of expectations aside from making music you love and, if possible, share it with your fans, then there’s no hardship you can’t overcome.

How do you see Ravensire in ten years from now?

Right where we are today: making music that we are proud of and playing it for people like ourselves who love Heavy Metal!

Where do you see Heavy Metal today? Are there any bands out there you like?

Heavy Metal is doing great, these days. There are lots of new refreshing bands around and interesting audiences. The only thing I don’t particularly like is that most festivals still keep booking mainly old reunited 80s bands, instead of investing more on new bands. I don’t have anything against the 80s bands (hell, I started listening to Metal in 1986!) but I think that at some point this is getting more and more a nostalgia trip instead of a healthy, vibrant scene. There are plenty of newer bands with great albums and full of hunger for playing live, let’s give them more support instead of repeating the same old headliners over and over again from festival to festival.

The closing is yours.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to talk about Ravensire! “A Stone Engraved in Red” will be released on June 14. Head over to our bandcamp page and order it on digital, CD or LP (http://ravensire.bandcamp.com).

Stay true!