Agnostic Front, one name, one story. These hardcore veterans, the fathers of a whole genre of world wide scale, are going to perform once more in our country(Greece), in Athens and Thessaloniki. On the occasion of their visit, i grabbed the opportunity to have a talk with the Titan Roger Miret on various topics regarding the band, the modern scene and today’s sociο-political situation.

Hello guys and welcome to Metal Invader! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! First of all, are you excited about your upcoming shows in Athens and Thessaloniki? We, for instance, can’t fuckin’ wait!

It’s exciting because it’s been a while since we played there. Athens is such a beautiful city and were looking forward to playing in Thessaloniki cause I’m not sure if we ever played there before. We always enjoy getting the chance to explore other cities as well as entertaining a new audience.

This tour you’ve booked celebrates the band’s 35 years in the music industry. How do you feel about your legacy built over those years? People have been following you for decades, maybe all their lives, since your fanbase includes young crowds as well, so the impact on their lives is certain. Do all those years create a certain kind of responsibility towards your fans?

When we started as a band, we had no expectations of this becoming what it has become. We were just having fun and trying to do something extreme that turned into a worldwide lifestyle. As far as having a responsibility toward our fans, I would say that we have to continue this until we just cannot physically do it anymore and give a hundred percent at what we do till the end.

Staying on the same subject; judging by the years you’ve been around, it’s certainhqdefault you’ve experienced changes concerning the scene and the touring process. What would you say is the biggest change throughout the years, on both personal and general level? Have things become easier or obstacles keep popping up?

I would say the internet has changed the game all around. Cell phones as well has made it easier to keep in contact with our families at home. I can definitely say we helped broke down the walls and made it easier for younger bands to do this as well. That being, I’d say that the market is now flooded with so many bands doing the same as we been doing all these years.

Hardcore scene, especially during recent years has flourished again globally, with bands from every country constantly emerging. Do you keep up with all that? Is there a piece of advice you could give to new bands?

One thing I notice is the fact that so many bands come and go. There’s very few that have the longevity that bands like us Madball and Sick Of It All do. To us this is our lives and I think that most bands do this as a hobby. That’s what makes the difference with us and others.

On a more general level, a question i love to frequently ask the bands i interview is “what does the music genre you serve mean to you?” It’s interesting to listen to how people feel about it. So, what does Hardcore mean to you? Is it just a musical expression, is it a way of life, a code to live by?

Well like I have been saying, we live this. We don’t know another way. Our code is the dedication to this lifestyle that we created. Just listen to our lyrics. We not just talking about fast cars and women. Our music has a message, that we try to get across to our fans that we consider part of our family. That’s how we created a strong scene worldwide.

Apart from releasing records, which on its own its a huge deal – inspiration has to be constant, musicianship has to be always great etc – what keeps a band like you keep going on? What drives you every day? What’s the push to become better and better?

This our Passion, creativity drives us. We will not be happy with what we just did in the past. What makes us stronger as a unit is the fact that we continue this legacy by keep giving back to our fans and not just live on what we did in the past.

AF-03s1“The American Dream Died”, your last record, was a punch in the throat and a summary of your thoughts toward the current state of political and social events, the decline of human ethics, push people need to grow a pair and demolish what ‘destroys’ them. Almost two years later, things seem worse than ever. What are your thoughts on that? What is needed for people to wake up and claim what’s theirs?

We can only use our voice and what’s great is our music gives us the opportunity to spread this work wide. To never give up on what we believe in and to spread this to the youth. Then maybe we can teach the youth and hopefully sometime in the future, the younger generation can take over and make a change.

What have you prepared for us? What should the Greek crowd be expecting from Agnostic Front? Any messages for your fans in Athens and Thessaloniki?

I believe that people know what to expect from. An intense hard-hitting show that will be filled with excitement. Stigma running around the stage like a maniac as we deliver a nonstop hardcore experience!

Alright! That’s all from me for the time being. We’ll be seeing each other in Thessaloniki! Thanks again for the interview, means a lot! Take care!

AFEvents Page:

Live in Athens 26.06.2017 @MODU (Hardtimes Athens)

Live In Thessaloniki 27.06.2017 @Principal Club Theater (Straight From The Heart Records)

Be There!