Well hello once again! Since we last spoke almost 2 years ago Sabaton toured almost everywhere… So what’s new on Sabaton’s camp?

The news is that we have now toured everywhere and there aint many places left. The Last Tour has taken us around the world. Only a few places left, including a show at Rockwave in Athens which we look very much forward too.

You are a very active band and people are with you every step of the way? What is it that makes fans so attached to the band?

There are a lot of answers to that, Sabatons style is unique and that is appreciated by a lot of fans. We are also a quite straight forward metal band. Not too complicated and our liveshows are full of energy and we are always having a good time. Some bands try to create a atmosphere at shows that is dark and evil and it might work for them, for us its about having a great big party where everyone is invited no matter of who they are.

As I said previously you are quite an active band…what are the pros and the cons of such and active tour life?

The good part of it is that we can do what we love more often the more we tour, for the guys in the band who have families it becomes of course more seldom that they can spend time with their families.

You created your own Festival! Who came up with the idea and what was that need that made you think something like that anyway?

I came up with the idea. But I never thought it was gonna last over 10 years and be one of Swedens top festivals. It’s a awesome atmosphere and fans from more than 40 countries come annually to be part of the worlds biggest Sabaton gathering.

Greek fans adore you…so this year you are doing Rockwave Festival, and you’ll be playing once again with Accept. You are one hell of a team. What do you expect from this night?

We love Greek fans too, and it will be our first time at Rockwave so we look forward to it. Accept is a great band, we played together many times around the world and as you say it is a good match!

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And of course with the legends Judas Priest that you’ve recorded at the past “All Guns Blazing” as a Bonus Track.

Yep, one of our favourite bands that we grew up with!

How difficult is to pick a setlist in order for the fans to listen to their favorite tracks but also not to sound too repetitive especially when you perform as much as you do?

Its very difficult, always songs we want to play that cannot fit in there. The more songs we write the more we have to skip. But whats good about it is that we can play so many new songs. Means we still got it and can write good songs and don’t need to rely on something we wrote a long time ago.

Since 2005 you had an album coming out every year, up to now that is. Your last album was back in 2016. Are you cooking anything new? I mean fans are thirsty…

As we tour more it becomes harder to write songs in the same frequency. We now do tours that are more than 2 years long and then its not possible to release albums so often as when we only did a few smaller tour in Europe.

In 2017 you joined forces with World of Tanks and unleashed the Primo Victoria, a Premium tier VIII medium tank that featured the actual band members (complete with authentic voices) as the Crew. How did this collaboration happen?

It’s a perfect match. Sabaton who sings about historical battles and a game about the same thing. We started to talk already in 2011 and we have so much in common. World of Tanks is a very entertaining game and lots of our fans play it, including me.


There is a Facebook Page called Sabaton Memes that counts 32,336 followers. Have you ever checked the page?

I am one of the 32 000 followers myself and I often check in there. Its fun to see how creative some fans can be.

Thank you very much for this interview, the epilogue is yours…maybe with a message to your devoted Greek Sabaton fans.

Thanks a lot, we are excited to come to Athens soon and finally bring a big show too Greece. When we played in clubs its of course amazing atmosphere with the crazy loud greeks so close to us, but it don’t allow us to have a big stageshow. This we can bring to Rockwave.