Metal Invader caught up with Sacral Rage in their “Inner Sanctum Asylum” while they were on inspirational mood and talked with their hierophant, Dimitris. Have some bay leaves and read their oracle.

I’d like to officially welcome you and congratulate you on “Illusions In Infinite Void”. I didn’t have the chance to congratulate you earlier, even though it’s been two years since its release. What are you doing right now?

Good evening, Themistoklas! Thank you for your kind words. It’s been already two years? We are working on new material right now for our upcoming album while we are preparing for our live appearance next to Grand Magus on September 30th.

I was about to ask you right now about Grand Magus, but since you mentioned stuff about a new release, I’m moving straight to that matter! So, tell me, when shall we expect your new material? How will it sound like?

It’s hard to know exactly when you should expect it right now, but probably it won’t be later than early 2018. It sounds like Illusions but a little more edgy, may I say. It’s more melodic, however more extreme at the same time.

When you say more extreme, you mean faster (speed-thrash) or will it be more occult, regarding the subject?

It will be darker, like extreme metal dark.

Can’t wait to hear it then! Looks like a nice turn of events for Sacral Rage!

We are more than happy about how things have been working out for us. We are looking forward to the future.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but many extreme black metal bands have been returning to the classic heavy metal sound, but now you tell me you do the exact opposite. The scene is turning upside down!

I wouldn’t say that it sounds like black metal, but whatever, we are not a band that really cares what’s “trendy” right now.

Indeed! What are you listening during the studio sessions for inspiration?

We are currently working only on our own stuff, so there is not any external inspiration. However, we’re in a King Diamond mood since we started.

Carlsberg fits well with the King Diamond mood you know, are you drinking anything specific or are you focused 100%?

There’s no beer, but there was pizza!

That’s the spirit! Let’s get to the present now. You play with Grand Magus on September 30th. Are you excited?

More than excited! It will definitely be one of our most important live appearances and we have to meet the aspirations of the audience.

It’s a flagship, indeed. What’s your favorite album of them? Do you prefer JB more in Grand Magus or in Spiritual Beggars?

Hammer of the North, and definitely in Grand Magus.

Are you going to play any of your new songs live or have you planned any guest appearance next to them?

No, we haven’t been in touch with GM. It would be awesome though, but I don’t think it will happen considering how much little time is left. We already have incorporated a couple of new songs on our set for a long time now. The rest is a surprise…

The last few months we have witnessed a lot of bad moments with Greek live promoters (Hate, Primordial and Zemial). No matter how professional a band may be, they have to keep their eyes open to many others things at the same time. Do you prefer live sessions or studio sessions?

Studio session is probably the worst for a band, at least for us. It’s tiring to search for this missing riff or the right tune etc. The result is obvious and imminent on stage. When you play live you actually get to enjoy your material. When it comes to organizing a gig, no band should have in mind the possibility of something going wrong. Shit happens, it’s not the end of the world. People are sympathetic to those situations and when they see a band playing with their heart, will support your band. That’s the main difference between metal and other music genres. The audience and the musicians are bonded.

Well, this bond is a huge deal and can be interpreted in so many ways. I don’t have anything else to add, but to thank you for your precious time. Dimitris, I know how tired you are. I hope the best for the future, your upcoming album, your GM concert and I also hope for an equally awesome cover art (I’m already sure about the songs). The closing is yours.

Thank you Themistoklas, see you live soon. Support the underground! Support metal, not trends.