First of all, congratulations on “Supernova Kill Road” and welcome to Metal Invader!

Τhank you so much!

Tell us a few things about the album; first, where does the title come from? How did you come up with it?

-I first came up with it when I was writing the song Boom House. I needed a cool sounding street name on another planet for the chorus, and that became Supernova Kill Road. First I was gonna call the album Boogie Town, but I realized that it sounds too retro and I needed something more spacy and sci-fi to give the right impression. So I ended up with Supernova Kill Road.

How much did it take you to write down everything and get it done? There were a lot of people involved so this could have been risky when it comes to time, right?

It took a year to get everything done, write the songs and record everything. When I started, I thought I have a lot of old lyrics and song ideas from the past for the album. But when I actually started going through that stuff, I learned fast it’s better to take few of the best lines and song ideas and write like 95% again. So basically, when I was recording one song, at the same time I was writing the next one hoping I can do this ten times. And when a song was ready for the vocals, I asked the singer to come in. They were all amazing. Professional and prepared and excited to do it. They did great work. Even though there were many people involved, it went very smoothly. It was important for me to work with the right people that I trust. Cause when you got the right attitude, you know your stuff and you’re prepared, it works easily. And we were careful because of the times now too, we did this with one singer at a time.

Can you tell us a few things about the artwork?

Juulia Tokola did awesome work with that. I had this idea of the street in a city that looks like Earth but then there are details that tell you it’s from another planet. And that street is of course Supernova Kill Road. On the way when the cover was getting ready, we both came up with nice ideas to add there. You can find details that appear in the songs if you look closely.

What is your most favorite track off “Supernova Kill Road”?

-This is a tough one, cause right now I kinda like them all equally. I really can’t pick one, I’m sorry!

You had been in Lordi from 2005 until 2019. Festivals, huge crowds, tours, monsters, until you finally decided to get a divorce. What led you to that decision?

There were many things behind the decision. The thing that I will say is that I really wanted to do other things as a musician. I’m kinda free now to go and do what ever comes my way, and I like that.

How are you today with the guys from Lordi? Have you checked out their new album “Killection” and what do you think about Hiisi, the new bass player?

Haven’t really seen the guys. I think I have to listen to the album a little better to say my opinion. I’ve heard bits from here and there, sounded different for sure. I think Hiisi is doing a perfect job. Thumbs up for him.

As an independent artist now, how has the coronavirus affected this whole journey of creating “Supernova Kill Road”?

Well, since my solo project doesn’t really have gigs, (I’m still in the process of figuring out how to do that in the future), it hasn’t really affected that much so far. But I hope it all gets better soon.

What were your inspirations behind the album? The things are really oddly mixed but still sound so cool! Are you into sci-fi and space?

I’m definetily into sci-fi and space! I wanted to mix music like Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper etc, with vibes from my favourite movie Sin City and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter-books. Plus I wanted to really focus on the cool beats and rhythms and big loud drums and bass.

What have been your top 5 albums ever?

-Hey Stoopid by Alice Cooper, Atomic Playboys by Steve Stevens, Hellbilly de Luxe by Rob Zombie, Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe and Get a Grip by Aerosmith.

What new music should we check out apart from “Supernova Kill Road”?

Maybe check the other band I’m in, Down South Junkies.

As a closing, since Metal Invader hails from Greece, if that’s OK with you, we would really love if you could share some nice moment from your visit in Greece during 2006’s ESC sessions!

Fell in love with the country, the people, the food, the weather. And actually it’s pretty much my second home now. My wife is Greek.