It’s been almost a year since our last conversation. What did 2018 brought to Slaegt ?

Well, the first major event for us in 2018 was going on our first proper tour in February with Venenum. It went amazing – we already loved Venenum’s music, but it also turned out, that they are amazing people and we clicked so well. We have heard of many tours were the bands don’t get along, but we were lucky here. We played many places we’ve never played before (or been to personally) and it all went very well. We learned so much.

Next big thing was to record “The Wheel”. We did that in Ballade Studios (same place as with “Domus Mysterium”) in March. It was some very good sessions, as you can hopefully hear that in the finished product.

We also played the Roskilde Festival here in Denmark (in July), which is a pretty big deal if you are from here. That went brilliantly as well. We asked for a late slot since our music isn’t that suited for the daytime. All good. People loved it.

Recently we’ve been on yet another tour. We held a release concert for “The Wheel” in Copenhagen with Maggot Heart as support. We then went on tour with them for 8 days. Mostly Germany, and two shows in Austria. Last show was in Berlin and it went down. Good times! We then teamed up with Venenum again and went through Poland, the Baltics and Scandinavia. Went very well too.

These two tours combined were mad, exhilarating, beautiful and exhausting. We pushed everything to its edge and it feels like there was something special happening all the time. We will never forget these days.

Tell us more about the recordings and the writing procedure.

We booked 8 days in Ballade Studios (as mentioned) where we also recorded the previous album. We still needed to fine-tune and finish some of the songs after we came home from tour with Venenum in February, but we made it happen. First days were spent with setting up the gear and then doing the main tracking. We don’t record to a click or anything like that – the four of us has to be in the same room. We then do some takes until we feel we have a good one we can build upon with various dubs, vocals, etc.

The writing process started as soon as “Domus…” was recorded. We had a good handful of the ideas already before that album was recorded, actually and we went straight into it. No time to wait, put your head down and start working.

Which are the main -if they even exist- differences between the two albums?

I would say, that “Domus…” is in some way the sound of a band trying to find its essence whereas on “The Wheel” more of that essence has been found, or we are more comfortable and secure in our own skin. To put it shortly.

Is the feedback of ‘The Wheel’ so far good?

Yes, it’s been very good. Most of the reviews we’ve read has been very positive. It seems like people are more understanding of what we are doing now. Response from fans has also been very good. Even though we mostly do this for ourselves it is of course very nice and humbling, that people appreciate what we are doing, and it gives more motivation to keep working, for sure.

Do you plan on touring? Do you prefer small clubs or big festivals to perform?

We have some plans for 2019, yes. Keep your eyes open, more will follow… With regards to small clubs or festivals – it really all depends on a lot of things: Our mood on the day, the time of day, in how good playing shape we are, how motivated we are, our focus, the sound on stage, the response from the crowd, our setlist, etc. etc. So I can’t give you a straight answer there. Some of the best shows we’ve played have both been in small clubs and on larger festival stages.

Tell us more about the artwork cover.

We strive to put our symbol “The Eye of the Devil” on all of our album covers. This time it was done by a German artist named Rebecca Waeik – it is the symbol in a sort of spinning (like a wheel) motion with naked, androgynous figures around it. Make of it what you will, but we think it fits the concept of time passing and being jailed inside the prison of time, very well.

I hear many N.W.O.B.H.M. elements in your music tell me your biggest influences from that genre and which are your favorite bands?

NWOBHM is one of my personal obsessions, so it makes sense that you can hear that in the music. If I should pick a top 3 from there, I would say Angel Witch, Diamond Head and Satan. But there are so many gems in that genre, you can keep digging for weird singles and EP’s for a very long time. It seems to me, that this is the time when metal truly was born: It became a specific style with its own sound, look and identity.

We must never forget that. Some of the best music with passion and street attitude comes from this time as well. I love it. What are your thoughts on the rising of far right in Europe?

Politics have no place in art and I can’t believe you have the nerve to ask us this. If you think we in any way align ourselves with movements like these or sympathize with them you are way off the mark.

Which is the biggest sacrifice you would do in order to make Slaegt as big as Metallica?

None. We don’t want to be Metallica. We want to make Slægt as big as Slægt can be. However big that is, we don’t know. Only time will tell.

What does future holds for Slaegt ?

Further progress – backwards and downwards we go.

The closing is yours.

Thanks for your time. We would like to give a shoutout to Ván Records, Killtown Bookings, Maggot Heart and VNNM. Thanks to all the Slægtnings who support us. See you out there!