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If you bought Acid Witch’s new album ‘Evil Sound Screamers’ with a melancholic attitude coming out of tartarus, i have to inform you that you chose the fuckin’ wrong album! Acid Witch are here to tell stories with a Halloween/b-movie aesthetic, it’s one of those bands that you have nothing but fun growling along and headbanging! So if you haven’t checked their music before, i guess it’s time that you do so… But with no further delay, let’s see what the band had to say to Metal Invader...

Hi guys I welcome to Metal Invader! There is a gap of seven years between your previous full length ‘Stoned’ and its successor ‘Evil Sound Screamers’. Ok you weren’t still, but I got to ask what took you so long?

Side projects and smoking pot… We all do art on the side too. Just being in a daze not even realizing how much time has gone by I guess. Touring and playing fests. But we plan on releasing a lot more music in the coming years!

‘Evil Sound Screamers’ is a peculiar record, in terms of inspiration and overall performance. It presents your own perception of Halloween and the dangers surrounding this particular night. So trick or treat? Just joking… do you think that we should always take music so seriously to the point that we lose the fun part of it?

Do people actually take the King Diamond skits seriously on all his albums? I happen to love his grandma voice, haha! It’s FUN to listen to! To use that as an example, I’m sure some people hate the skits and think they are cheesy. It’s all in taste. Some people just want to hear loud music, others enjoy the story telling aspect. I will say this… Those who take music/metal THAT seriously, usually love to sit through an album with nothing but droning guitar amp feedback looping.  Music is there for an escape from this shitty, boring fucking world. I say have fun with it.

Could you give us a bit of an insight concerning the album’s composing and execution process? Was it a team work, focusing on expanding individual ideas or were there main ideas upon which you based the rest? You definitely avoided the miserable gloomy aesthetic of the doom genre.

You are very correct. We avoided that typical sound like a PLAGUE. How many doom metal albums are out there with that same aesthetic? Thousands? Millions? Who knows you can’t really tell them apart. We don’t want to keep making the same albums everyone has heard a million times, we want to create something new and weird. I don’t even know if you could label this album doom. As far as the writing process went it was a mix of a lot of shit. Almost all the songs were demoed out and tweaked along the way, some written years ago. Some individual ideas, and some as the band. It’s odd how things come together once a couple of songs are finished, then you can really establish a sound for the rest of the album. Samples were last. But we’ve been gathering and hoarding them for a while. Some of the samples we didn’t even have songs for, and gave us ideas for lyrics or a musical part.

I know that some of you used to work as teenagers to Horror Houses. Is this your real influence in this whole Halloween theme you have going on?

Yes, Shagrat and I first met each other working at a haunted attraction! But I wouldn’t say it’s our main influence with the Halloween theme. Mutilation Mansion was one of the first songs written for the new album. And it’s about the first haunted attraction I ever went to. So there is definitely some influence there with that. But Halloween used to be a scary time, it’s nostalgic in a fun and dangerous way. Growing up near Detroit, the night before Halloween is called Devil’s Night, stories of torched houses and deadly pranks littered the news stations. Also, no other band really does it, and we’ve always loved the occult artwork that went with the holiday.

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Your music could easily be used as a soundtrack to a horror movie. As you’ve released a four song EP on 2017 (Midnight Movies) with covers from horror movie soundtracks, do you think that you kind of try to make music for a horror movie?

I think Acid Witch makes music that reflect our brand of horror tales, and try to get the samples, synth, and riffs to tell a story of their own.  Of course we love horror movies, but we don’t try to make music for non-existent films or anything. Except for the 80s classics, like the movies we covered the songs from, I don’t really like metal in movies. I prefer a score. I try to do that with my solo stuff tho! haha But I wouldn’t say Acid Witch does. We just try and “score” the lyrics in a sense.

In your music I can detect a bit of Sabbath and a bit of King Diamond, what were your music influences?

King Diamond as far as skits and the story telling aspect was an influence for sure, maybe some of the riffs a little. I think a lot of people are mistaking some of the higher pitched vocals as Kings influence, but they’re actually influenced by MACABRE! We don’t have much musical influence honestly, I want to sound different. We just write what sounds cool to us. There is a little bit of La-Sexorcisto White Zombie sprinkled around on it, which we’ve never really done before. You hear that Bobby Deadguy?! ha!

Your debut album was released via Hells Headbangers, your sophomore effort was released through Razorback Recordings and now you returned to Hells Headbangers. How did this cooperation come to life and what happened in between?

Our debut was actually released by Razorback Records first! They did the CD, and we pressed our own vinyl. Our second album Stoned was released through Hells Headbangers. Then Hells Headbangers repressed Witchtanic Hellucinations. So nothing really happened. Hells always treats us good and so did Razorback!

When i received my copy of the album, i was amazed by the cover art and general design. Care to give us some more info about the album’s art?

Shagrat outdid himself AGAIN with it. FUCK! The original idea we wanted was to get it to look like a Creepy/Eerie/Skywald magazine cover. Very 70’s with the color scheme. After all the music was written he sketched the first idea out and we rolled with it! He wrote almost all the lyrics, so he knew what to do as far as what should be seen on the cover. It perfectly sums up what the album is about.


Are we going to have a visual concept of any of your songs?

I think the cover is! We will have Mutilation Mansion shirts for sale soon that have original 1966 artwork from the actual haunt. Maybe some shirt designs in the future? We don’t like to clutter the album up with too much artwork. We will do a video in the future we’ve been planning for a while if that’s what you are asking!

In most cases after a release comes a tour to promote the record. Are there any plans? Should we hope to see you in Greece also?

Hopefully soon. There are no set plans yet. But we do plan on doing touring for it. Closer to when the vinyl will be out.

Now a question for Horrific a side project that gave the 2009 gem and only full length of the band “Your Worst Nightmare”. This year Hells Headbangers re-issued the record, first time on vinyl. Are we going to have any more music coming from Horrific? Do you think that there is a hidden nostalgia in the rising of vinyls and even of cassettes in the rock/metal scene?

Billy Nocera and I might do another Horrific album! It would be fun. And yeah, but people have always loved holding something, and collecting things. The artwork my friend Jeff Zornow did for it is great. It deserves to be seen on a bigger scale like a record jacket.


What future holds for Acid Witch?

A lot more new fucking music! Gonna make up for that 7 year thing, haha. Some touring and a new online merch store.

The epilogue is yours, I thank you for this interview and I really hope to see you in Greece!

Thanks for the interview, catch us on the road in 2018!