From the frozen lands of Sweden, Soilwork prepare to unleash their newest release, a live album from their special show in Finland’s Helsinki. It’s the band’s debut live release and it supports the band’s heavy discography, picking up a wide variety of their musical efforts over these nineteen years. The band’s guitarist, David Andersson, replies to our questions about the whole experience.

How’s it going in the Soilwork camp?
Very well, thank you! We’re in the studio right now, working on the new album.

Your band has been active for almost twenty years now and you have a big discography, yet “Live in the Heart of Helsinki” is the first ever live release. How was the decision taken? There has been talk about making a live DVD/record for as long as I’ve known the band, but there have been various line-up changes and other forms of turbulence over the last decade that made it a bit difficult to make it happen. But with this line-up we have a great atmosphere in the band, and since we’re all really happy with the Living Infinite, this was just a great time to do it.

The package is seriously big, including Blu-ray quality and double CD digipack. Should one guess there are tracks out of all your albums and extras? Since we’re still really proud of the Living Infinite, we wanted to make sure that we played lots of stuff from that one. We also included all of the live favorites that we’ve played a lot over the years. We also wanted to include stuff from all the records, including the ones we don’t play very often, so we dug up a few forgotten gems for this particular evening.

Many bands record several live shows and then choose which fits best for a live release on similar occasions. Did you follow the same process or was it pre-decided for Helsinki? No, we had already decided that Helsinki was going to be the one, and we also played a longer set than we usually do. This was our only chance.

Who handled the unmixed live recordings and are you satisfied with the result?Soilwork2013g The director Ville Lipiäinen and his team did it, and we’re all extremely happy with the results.

Do you feel like this live show albums sums up your career so far? What place does it hold among the rest of your records? I think it’s a pretty good summary, at least music wise. I guess we’ll know in a few years’ time what place it holds among the rest of the discography, right now it’s just a snapshot of what the band was about on that particular evening, excited and fired up at the end of a tour.

Τell us a few words about the Soilwork documentaries that will be featured in the album. There are a few in depth interviews, especially with Björn, talking about the history of the band, plus a feature about the making of the Living Infinite, with footage from the studio and on the road. I guess you’ll get a whole new insight into what makes this band tick after watching it.

That night in Helsinki surely was magical, not only for you but for the fans as well. Do you think the record captures that feeling too? It felt fantastic, and the people I talked to afterwards seemed to think so too. And watching the DVD, there are quite a few faces in the crowd that seem to be a tad excited. So the short answer is Yes.

The fans of the band will probably purchase the album. Outsiders though rarely choose a live recording as an introduction to a band, what would you say to these people in order to persuade them to check your record and music? You don’t know what you’re missing.

A couple of tracks include guest appearances by Floor Jansen of Nightwish and Nathan J. Biggs of Sonic Syndicate. Are you friends with these musicians? How did the collaboration go? Yes, some of us knew them a bit from before, and since they both have connections to Finland, it felt natural to ask them. They both did a greasoilworkhelsinkidvdcover_638t job, and surely added a whole new dimension to the songs they sang on.

You have gone through some lineup changes over the years. How do you co-work with the newer members at live shows? I’m the newest member, and I work fine with myself. But I seem to get along with the others as well. I’ve played on and off with the band since 2006, so we all know each other well by now, both on the stage and off.

Was the Helsinki playing set a regular set or was it a collection of selected tracks for an upcoming live record? Why did you guys choose these specific Soilwork songs? It was a combination of the set from the tour plus some extra stuff just for this show, to be able to include songs from all the albums and some of the stuff from the past that we feel has been a bit unfairly forgotten.

Apart from this, what are the future plans for Soilwork? Any chance for a full length on the horizon? We’re in the studio working on a new one right now, hopefully to be released later this year. It will be a monstrous creation, filled with the same magic that fuelled the DVD.

The last words are yours! If you suddenly see what has happened to me, you should spread the word around. And tell everyone here that it is perfectly clear; they can sail above it all on what they’ve found. It cries for you. It’s the least that you can do. Like a sound that’s everywhere, I can hear it screaming through the air. Long live rock and roll.