Soul To Take is a band which comes from both Greece and Germany. Having only released one debut album which combines metal, rock and funk elements, we talked to them (actually with Kostas Lolis – vocals, guitar and Martin Bauschke – guitar) to learn a few more things for them and for what is going on right now.

Hello guys! We hope you’re fine. Where are you right now?

Hello, we have returned to Athens right now. We are preparing our second album with our bass player and producer David Prudent in Made In Hell studios.

What was the response so far from the press and the people on your debut “Dead and Gone”?

People’s response was great, considering that this is our first shot, not only in Greece and Germany, but in many other countries as well.

The band started as a school project from Martin. What was that pushed him to make it a little bigger?

Kostas: Martin is the soul of the band and the main composer. The truth is that everything started back in summer 2011, when we collaborated in creating a track. Soon, the tracks became more and ended up having a full length release. We decided to release it on our own, under the title “Dead & Gone”.

Martin: It started in 2011 as a “home recording project” under some Metal-Funk song ideas. That was the beginning of Soul To Take.

What are your influences? Tell me 5 albums that you have been listening to this period!

Martin: Papa Roach – Crooked Teeth, Trapt – DNA, All That Remains – Madness, Gary Moore – Back To The Blues, In Flames – Battles.

Kostas: That’s a tough question since our influences are so many. When it comes to new releases though, I would say Architects – All Gods have abandoned us, Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud, Devin Townsend – Transcendence, Kreator – Gods Of Violece, Trivium – Silence in the Snow.

I know that you attend concerts quite often (I’m not a stalker, I swear, haha). What was the best show you attended recently?

M: The Alan Parsons Project.

K: One of the best was a few months ago in Germany, Kreator w/ Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted.

A few months ago you released on YouTube the song “Running and Hiding”. Is it just a single release or will it be featured in an upcoming release? I noticed some studio activity recently on your Facebook page..

M: It was only a song to show that we are still active and working on new stuff. A special release.

K: This track came out in the beginning of 2017. It was recorded on summer and we thought it was a good idea to launch it as a single until our new album is ready. It will definitely not be included on our next album.

What should we expect from your new work?

Our new stuff is a more “metal” one, without our classic experimental elements missing, of course. We now have on our side people that have helped us a lot with the band; David Prudent on bass, after the departure of Christian Pschibi, Kostas Tsifopoulos on drums and Roman Weiner on guitars.

Why did it take you two years to write something new? Was it a break you had to take as a band and make a reboot or was it the distance that made it so difficult?

M: The Songwritng process is not something that took much time. The only difficulty is the distance between Germany and Greece, we have to send files and song ideas via Dropbox. We are not so organized probably…

K: I wouldn’t say that distance is creating problems to the composing procedure. Me and Martin started composing during summer 2015, a few months after ‘Dead and Gone’ was released in March. We keep on writing new stuff. More specifically, we had almost 20 new compositions for our next album, but only 16 made it.

Do you think that in Greece, a band can make a step forward if they really want it?

M: We have received much positive response, it could be possible, yes.

K: It is really hard and there is much time and patience that need to be sacrificed in order to achieve that, and not only in Greece. We see many new groups becoming successful abroad, it’s pleasing to see that.

Has the distance between Greece and Germany affected your cooperation with Martin in any way?

It’s definitely not easy but as you can see we have already managed to release an album and to have another one ready too. It’s the chemistry between us that counts. The negative in here is that there can’t be a rehearsal meeting easily arranged.

Are there any plans for live shows? When a release is ready, there is always a tour that follows…

M:I It’s not easy to make a live show right now. We have to practice the songs together.

K: There aren’t any plans at the moment, but you never know…

Who would you like to share the stage with?
M: 36 Crazyfits

K: Tough question…I will pass!

Thank you very much for your time and the interview!