Alcoholic hooliganism, badass behaviour and Steamroller Assault seem to be – and actually are to be frank – identical concepts. Those toerags from Athens and beloved for so many reasons, answered to Metal Invader’s questions that elaborated on the band’s brand new (and highly anticipated to be honest) release, the band’s future plans and the current state of the Greek music “industry” (quatation marks added intentionally). So… there you go!

Hello Steamroller Assault and welcome to Metal Invader. As an introduction, would you like to present the band to people who probably don’t know about you?

The band exists since 1999. After many line-up changes, the band consists of Witchkiller on guitars, Namiroth on vocals, Pimp on drums and Burner on bass. Our first self-titled album was released 2002, then came “Raw & Filthy” in 2006 and this year marks the relase of “Dead Man’s Hand”.

Some months ago, you released Dead Man’s Hand. What was people’s reaction of it?

The feedback was positive as far as we know. People loved it and this makes us really proud.

The next question can be a little tiring I presume but what took you eleven years to get this album out?

Classic and familiar to everyone reasons. Line-up changes, money, no free time at all. We made it though and that’s what matters. There won’t be such a big space until the next one, we can reassure that.

I loved “Dead Man’s Hand’ artwork. Who was in charge of that and what was the idea behind it?

The cover and the entire artwork was made by Giorgos Gkousetis and Semitone Labs. It couldn’t have been any better. The concept behind Dead Man’s Hand was a poker game, a little different than the usual. You risk your own life but whatever you’re trying to do, you won’t make it.

Listening to your music, I can distinguish various and different influences, filreted with a raw and filthy vibe. Which bands have been your main influence and how would you describe your sound?

Anything we listen to can be our influence. It’s either Venom or Gonidis (greek singer). The list is huge, containing names such as Tina Turner, Whitesnake and Steve Ray Vaughn to Stamatis Gonidis (yes, he is worth mentioning both times).

steamroller assault 2017 2

There is a feeling of both fun and violence in your lyrics, as mentioned from your nicknames. What’s the writing procedure for your lyrics?

Humor, women, alcohol, violence, fantasy, comics. Whatever comes in mind, we write it. We’ve always avoided political lyrics, without being totally opposite to it. We just wanted our songs to be different. Usually, someone has an idea and if we work together, lyrics are usually ready soon.

What should our readers expect form a Steamroller Assault concert?

We’re a heavy metal band who just wants to have fun, enjoy the stage and see the people standing in front of them sweating and banging to their songs. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s a big variety of band who have been recycling the same sound all over again. How easy or difficult is considered to be special in today’s greek metal scene?

First of all, it’s not the bands that recycle the same sound all over again. It’s the people who make the best out of decent bands, that’s getting a lot bigger today. In Greece, this is much more intense. For some people in the music industry, music comes second.

What are your plans for the future? Are there any plans for concerts in Athens or in general?

We’re playing in Heavy Metal Assault Vol 5. in Kyttaro, Athens in September. After that, we’re open to any invitation to play as much as we can to as many places as we can. You’ll hear from us soon.

Thank you for you time, the epilogue’s on you…

We hope you enjoy our record and to see you soon at our concerts or on the road.