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Greetings from Greece, how are you guys?

Now everything is fine. We are preparing to do just a few gigs. We also started working on the new material. We had a short break in playing because August broke his hand, but he’s already recovered.

You released a new album a couple months ago. I see that it received positive reviews, how happy are you with the result?

Really, I didn’t expect such good reviews because this album is opposite to new trends. I’m thinking about sound and riffs here. But yes, I am glad that most people understood this album exactly the way I would have liked.

It’s been 5 years since you recorded or released something, is there a reason why you weren’t that much active?

During that time we did the second album of our pure Black Metal project Genius Ultor. Also, we played a few gigs, we had the honor to support Morbid Angel. Besides, there were some changes in our team. And now we are ready to hit with new strength.

Next year will mark 20 years of the band’s existence, are you planning on celebrating this somehow? A compilation maybe or an extensive tour?

We are working with Godz Ov War on a special release, but it should be a surprise, so I will not talk about this now. For sure, we will do a high profile gig with our old friends from the underground. I haven’t thought about a tour yet, but maybe, who knows…


I noticed that on all of your albums the titles are in Spanish, is there a reason for this?

First, I wanted to pay homage to the Latin scene of the 80s. Without such bands as Sarcofago, Chakal, Sepultura, or Holocausto, there would be no Stillborn, not in this form, that’s for sure. Of course, it is not our only inspiration, even the Rotting Christ cover on our first album – In the Sign of Evil Existence – can prove that.

I really like the raw sound that you have, yet it has some clarity so you can distinguish all instruments. Is this something you are after in terms of production?

Everything you can hear on this album is the only natural way to express our souls, hearts and minds. It is the Metal we play on an ordinary day in our rehearsal room. The sound of this album should let you feel like a private concert with no computer tricks. Sincere, raw and powerful live music.

Your sound reminds me of old thrash records as well as bestial black metal bands. What did you have in mind when recording and mixing?

It’s the only way. Just play and record what you play! 666!

Poland is a country with strong names in extreme metal. How do you explain this fact? Do you follow your country’s scene?

Of course I do. Half of them I know personally. I think that the basic reason is the deceitful society around us. Metal is an alternative. Metal is rebellious. Metal is a way of life to put aside all of this hypocrisy.

Please forgive me as I haven’t noticed if you have already written any but, have you ever thought of writing a political song or one with a historical theme?

I can say that I actually have. It’s the ‘Odezwa’ (Manifesto) on the last album, and it contains a metaphor of these two topics. These are my personal views on the current situation of the mixing of cultures and the three monotheistic faiths, and lost of  pagan pride.


Would you ever try again to release an album in the vein of ‘Esta rebelión es Eternal’, or would you prefer a live album?

Hmm, I didn’t think about this. Ideas such as these usually come up suddenly, and then they immediately materialize. Maybe a DVD?

Is there any chance of seeing you play in Greece in the near future?

I really hope so, but I think it will be hard logistics wise. Now, we have plans to play some gigs in Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

The closing is yours!

Thanks for your time and engagement. Never stop dreaming, never give up – always be ready to fight! Cheers! 666!

Answers by Killer (Guitars, Vocals)