Welcome to Metal Invader. Since the zine is based in Trikala, where you appeared as a part of the Horns Up festival in 2018, would you like to tell us your impressions?

Horns Up is now a tradition. That night we were more like fans of the festival itself than just a band playing on it. That’s how we see it in general. No matter how much we grow as a band, no matter how Horns Up grows, the basic yeast remains the same, as many years ago: Our ultimate goal is live performances, the gathering of the “chosen ones”, “a mystical meeting”. Band, organizer or even just a fan, it doesn’t matter. Horns Up will make history, we are sure!

After almost four years of Synteleia’s activity, finally comes the “Ending of the Unknown Path” album. How do you feel about the album? What are your expectations?

It is a great pleasure to see your work being completed. “Ending …” emerged as an end in itself. Since we love the Hellenic black metal scene, we wanted to bring out everything we had inside us for years, mainly to epull out our feelings on Stage, with all respect to it. And we would do our best to overcome every possible difficulty to reach the end, so that this purpose might become flesh and bone, as it was. Our expectations are always conservative, but our thirst is high, especially when we see friends – old and new, from Greece and abroad – of the band encouraging us, giving us more power, energy and motivation to keep going. And there’s much more when it receives a warm welcome!

The album is released via Hells Headbangers records. How did this collaboration come up?

Before the tracks came to their final form, we sent some samples to Hells Headbangers and considering their excitement, they were positive for us to work together. It’s well known that they are very supportive of the Hellenic scene; not only of the established bands, but also for the younger ones, like us. It’s quite obvious that this was a great opportunity for us to distribute our first full-length through such a good company worldwide, a company which supports our intention to serve the sound of old-school Hellenic black metal.

Beyond the main quartet, which other musicians appear to the album as well?

There are no introductions needed for Nick “Yngve” Samios. In addition to his being well known in the scene, he recently spoke to “Hellenic Metal Cluster”, in the “Greek Metal Drummer” tribute (August 2019). Mina Morphi also honored us with her presence, she’s such a well-known soprano, vocal teacher and at the same time an emblematic “old-school” personality on stage (Horrified: “The Ancient Whisper of Wisdom”, 1992 ). It was an honor to have her appear again in the scene, with her unparalleled vocal abilities.

“Ending of the Unknown Path” it is. Considering the lyrical themes, I sense that mythology plays a great deal of importance in the album. Which are your lyrical influences?

We are inspired by the Cthulhu mythology, a creation of the “Father” of horror literature, H.P. Lovecraft. Enriched with various personal narratives and descriptions, sometimes dreamy, sometimes nightmarish, based on a dystopian background and the call of the Great Olds to regain their sovereignty on Earth. At an atmpospheric level, there are some mysterious, anxiety like, ritual situations, since each track has a different way of narrating, making them as stand-alone, mystical stories, on the path Lovecraft has outlined. So, the lyrics helped us to create the entire atmosphere of the album. A part of the Cthulhu mythology pantheon is “woed” in our debut, as we use precise phrases from the Necronomicon in some of the songs, in a ritual kind of way.

What would you say was Synteleia’s best live show to date? Do you plan on upgrading your stage performances a little bit, considering the new era and album?

Our latest live, with Varathron and Disharmony (Lords of the Void Monuments @ Temple, 26/10/2018), where Varathron celebrated their 30 years on stage, was undoubtedly a very important moment for a new band like us and at the same time our best performance so far. The stage presence gets better with the time. We already have some offers for live dates,so, we are developing ideas for both our appearance and sound. We will always get better!

The band has been around for four years. How did the main idea come up?

Exactly how you said it: As an idea! A thirst, desire, anxiety, to play like them, with those who we grew up with. During the 80’s and 90’s we were considered outlaws, weird and even “creepy” because we wore weird t-shirts and we listened to cassettes from the underground fanzines of the day, with music that nobody around us was even aware of. We wanted to honor these lactations today. With respect, dedication, anda clear vision for the immediate future, we want to add the least we can to what is called Hellenic black metal sound today.

What inspired you to name the band “Synteleia”?

Synteleia, as a term of the Revelation, describes the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new one. A new world where the few and the “chosen” ones will understand and participate in. But is this the new world, the one described in Revelation, or the Great Old ones have already decided on it?

I guess it’s way too early to ask about your next step… do you have anything to add to the Synteleia calendar for the times to come?

Next year will focus on the new material that already it’s still on its raw form, and of course live performances and festival attendances. The most important thing is that there have to be many live concerts around, so the bands can participate, either small and big. In that way, we will have the opportunity to celebrate every occasion with our friends, above and below the stage!

Thank you very much for your time.