Hello and welcome to Metal Invader! On the occasion of the band visiting Greece, I thought it was a good idea to get to know you better! Is everybody alright? Are you getting ready for your shows here in Greece?

Everybody is good thanks, yep this formation of TAU consists of two irish and two Greek musicians so we are going to have a kind of Greek/ Irish Hybrid.!Our drummer Dimitri is also playing drums for Pavlidis Pavlos and The B Movies.

As far as I know, TAU is a collective project by people who’ve already been members of acts such as Dead Skeletons and Camera. What has urged you to form such a band and to what end? At what level do TAU fulfill you more than your previous ‘reincarnations’?

I formed TAU just after I played keyboards with Dead Skeleons, you could say that having that experience in such a monumental band opened many doors. I went to mexico on a sacred pilgrimage with the Huichole people which thought me many things, especially to listen to ones heart and follow your heart or the “path”. I realized after that experience that I should be writing my own music again. I was never a member of Camera but I did produce their first album

TAU’s music is inspired by shamanic experiences, elevating the soul of the listener and judging by my personal experience, is a food for thought. How would you describe TAU in your own words? Are there any special messages conveyed through your lyrics?

Shamism is my favorite “ism”, when compared to others, communism, capitalism, socialism etc. It is the worlds oldest trade and most harmonic or symiotoc  with our natural world. Music itself is the message, language is magic but it also binds time so it can make things dense and confusing. Music is non linear, a statement of its own. Total freedom.

What’s TAU? Does the name of the band hold any certain significance?

TAU means “Father Sun”, it is also the first sound a peacock makes to greet the Sun in the morning. TAUUUUUUUU

Last May you released a song entitled “Rise Up Mná” that’s very special in both terms of musicality (sounds like a prayer) and in terms of meaning. Since I don’t want to spoil it using my words, care to give us an insight about what the theme of this track is?

Wow thanks so much for recognizing that. My sister wrote the lyrics, she does a lot of healing work through her art and writing. “Rise up Mná is a prayer song, an offering, a dirge, written with new words, sung in an old air. She wrote it in solidarity with the women of Ireland and their journey towards full autonomy over their reproductive rights. Myself and a great producer called Thomas Huge added the music

Talking about new material, recently you announced the release of your new album, due on February 2019. What new has this record to offer us, what will be the similarities or the differences between this one and your previous efforts?

Its very different but yet the same. We tried our best to get to the heart of things. I really want to let other people take what they will from it. Once you release a record, you leave all ownership behind. It transforms and takes a life of its own.

Bearing in mind the difficulties each of the music genres have, what’s your source of inspiration and what’s the composing process you follow?

I’m inspired by many things, it will be hard to give you just one. I guess the album doesn’t really have a genre. I love to wake up in the morning and praise the things that make us be alive and wanna play. Im inspired by oak trees, by water protectors, be the sacred hills of Ireland, by anyone who does what they love, by my Father who drove a bus for 35 years to feed his family, never asking for anything in return. Im inspired by the Tuareg people, by spreading the message of their challenges and suffering through music. Im inspired by the Sun, Old Lady Moon, Mother Earth. Hope. Prayer.

Since only a few days are left before your show in Thessaloniki, is there anything special you’ve prepared for us? What should the Greek crowd expect from TAU? Any new tracks maybe?

Lots of new tracks, we have song called Erasitexnis which is my all time favorite word. I think their should be no expectations. The mouse doesnt spend its life waiting to be eaten by the Eagle, if it did it would live a life of terror. The mouse is happy.

That’s all from me for now; thank you for devoting some of your time to us, much appreciated. Close this interview anyway you see fit; with a message to your fans here in Greece perhaps?

Thank you too, its great to see music journalism alive and well. Just looking forward to playing in my beloved Greece, I really feel at home here.