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Hi guys and welcome to Metal Invader. I’m Elpida and I;m very glad we have this chance to chat. First things first, is everything ok? Are you getting ready for your gigs with Omen and Grave Digger?

Hello, everything is fine, we are at Agrinio that is our second stop of our mini tour with the legendary Omen after Patra!

Sharing the stage with big bands like the aforementioned is a dream for every musician out there. How do you feel that you have actually managed to be in this position and how is it to work with legends?

Of course, our purpose is an upward march and the feeling is unique when touring with bands we listened to and we were buying their records when we were still at school!!!

You recently played in Romania at Satu Mare Open Air. I imagine your impressions will be positive. What similarities and differences did you spot comparing the promotion / producers / conditions / behavior in Greece and abroad?

Our impressions from Romania are the best from Satu Mare and last year at Metal Gates in Bucharest. Look the conditions of the promotion/ production were very good, of course I think it has to do with the promoter and in Greece there are decent promoters and a great example is Demon Gates Productions, which is the promoter in both tours in Omen & Grave Digger. With a bit of a good will from all parties of an agreement everything is possible!

Let’s dive a little into the past. You have an 8 year presence at the music scene. What has changed and what has remained the same personally or collectively for Terra IncΩgnita?

The one thing that stayed the same is Billy Vass!!! As for everything else, you can listen and compare them through our records!

What were your original goals as a band and how much do you think you have achieved? And by extension, what is the main goal you have set for the future?

The goal is the top, I think that with the conditions and the genre we play in our country we are on a steadily rising course!

Who is responsible for the idea of the creation of the band and how was that kneaded into flesh and bone?

Billy Vass launched the idea and over the last 5 years we all built it, together!

What is the best and worst – if it has been – a moment for Terra IncΩgnita?

 Even the worst ones we transform them in good ones! We find everything great in the thing we love, that is music.

Your last album was released last year. Do you have any new material ready or even a few new tracks?? If so, when can we expect a new release and should we hope for a preview in your upcoming concerts?

There is some new material ready for our 3rd album that will be released in 2019, and I think we are going to play a few ….

Your lyrics as far as I understand are basically emotional – in the broadest sense. What are the key points of the issues you deal with and what is your lyrical purpose? What message do you want to get into your world?

Fragments is a concept album for the new one you will listen once ready ….

What to expect from your appearances with Omen and G. Digger? What have you prepared for us? Are you as excited as we are?

Of course, we are looking forward to it! We are going to play different setlists as we always adapt to the crowd! You are definitely going to hear Terra IncΩgnita!!! Nothing more nothing less!

Thank you very much for your time, I wish the very best for your path. You can close this interview as you wish! See you at one of your gigs!

Stay Heavy and Always Sign with Blood!