It is your first visit in Greece, how do you feel and what do you expect?

Here in the Dwarves camp we’re feeling just as good as we look and that’s pretty damn fabulous. In Athens we expect to be treated like the Peloponnesians, but with better music.

13 full-length albums! Did you ever believe you would have such a career and that after any decades you would still be active with The Dwarves?

No, I thought by now I’d own a little shoe store in Kankakee, Illinois and have seven annoying children with an obese woman named Fanny. Instead, I’m part of a group of international rock legends so famous that almost no one has heard of us.

Your favorite The Dwarves album?

It’s hard to pick favorites with so many. To take just three of them, Young & Good Looking is the pop classic; Blood, Guts & Pussy is the punk statement; and Dwarves Must Die is just too much of everything. Unlike other punk bands, every Dwarves record rules.

Which album (or release) of your career do you believe was the most important and why?

Young & Good Looking made us the most money and lead to the most sex. The song Everybodies Girl is still our most requested.

Through the years, many changes in the line-up occurred; how does this affect the band?

It makes them fear and respect their awesome leader and agree to play for no money as long as I don’t whip, beat or imprison them.

How difficult is worldwide touring for a band, when there is a family back home (or even a job)?

Two things that suck are families and jobs!

Did you ever have any funny situation or accident happen on a tour, which you will remember forever?


Your three favorite albums of all time?

See question #3 above.

Is there a band you would love to share the stage with?

Cab Calloway’s Big Band of 1931.

If you could go back in time, what would you change in your career or which mistake would you definitely not make again?

I would avoid the music industry completely and go into tattoo removal full time.
Dome see the Dwarves in Athens! Make us richer and more famous!