Happy new year, guys. It is so nice to have you on our webzine.

-Happy new year from us as well, the pleasure is ours.

Let’s set things straight. The band was formed in 2006. Who, what, where, etc. Tell us a few things to get to know you better, if you please!

-The band was formed in February 2006 by Nikos Siglidis, in Korydallos. The first self titled E.P. was out in 2009 and two years later, came the “Harvester of Souls” E.P. After several lineup changes, we are finally in 2016, when our debut album came out, called “The Deadliest Scourage”.

It took you ten years to release your first full length, as you just said. What was the audiences’ feedback?

-Indeed, a ten year gap from the band’s creation to the release of the album sounds big. However if you consider that during this time, two E.P.s came out, along with some lineup changes that took the entire prodecure back, it doesn’t seem that strange. The feedback we got both from Greece and other countries was impressive, and apart from our personal satisfaction, it gave us motivation to keep going on what we do.

During the album’s creation, there were several important people of the scene that took part, such as Apollo Papathanasiou (ex- Firewind), Fotis Benardo (who is album your former vocalist’s brother). How much of an impact did this have when the album was out?

-Apollo’s contribution, as well as Yossi Sassi and Vladimir Reshetnikov’s, were particularly important and took the tracks they were a part of, in another level. When it comes to Fotis, it was something we had decided from the very beginning, since we were all fans of his work. The fact that Steve (Benardo) was also a part in this, gave a more friendly vibe to the recordings. Definitely, the production’s quality played an important part to the positive feedback of the album in general.

You recently launched a new version of the track “My Race Won’t Last”, with your new vocalist, Michalis Rinakakis. How did you come in touch?

-This happened via Nikos (Siglidis), since they have known each other for a long time. He sent us some demos online, since he lives in Sweden, but he was hired without a second thought, it was a common decision. I think his vocals match the band’s attitude perfectly, while also we bonded on a personal level quickly.

You recently did some live shows in some provincial cities in Greece, such as Alexandroupoli and Corfu, some places we all know that unfortunately, there is not an active local scene. However, what did you think of the people there? What was their response?

-Their response was great in both of those shows, like in some other provincial cities. There was excitement and a big attendance. We are left with great impressions after those shows, both from the people and the promoters themselves.

Your music has a more modern “tint” than the classical power metal bands. Was this planned or just happened?

-Our style has changed a lot through the years, actually it has grown a lot, may I say, but it truly happened naturally. In some of the older tracks there was some bit of edit so to match the newer approach, of course.

What are your influences?

-Our influences vary from classic heavy/power metal to U.S. death metal. We surely have some common things we like but each one of us has a certain taste, something that is later seen in our sound.

Now that 2018 is gone, what records you were blasting most this year?

Undoubtedly, “Sigma” by Mother of Millions. I can’t wait to hear their newest job too!

2019 is a powerful start for you. First, with Primal Fear and Gus G. in Kyttaro, then with Destruction in Thessaloniki, at the Fix Factory of Sound. What should we expect from you? New material maybe?

It is indeed a really powerful start of the year from us with those two good shows! It is not confirmed yet if you’re going to listen to new material; even though the pre production is nearly finished, nothing is 100% completed yet! There will be surprises for sure!

That’s all from me! See you in Thessaloniki!

Thank you so much, see you there!