A year and a half has passed since the release of your first EP, “Rituals of Death”. Today, as a listener, would you change anything about that? This is quite common among artists, that’s why I say it!

For some reason I had the impression that more than a year has passed since the release of Rituals of Death, probably due to the conditions that prevailed all this time. Rituals of Death is the release for which I am more satisfied (artistically) than any other on which I’ve been involved. I said everything I had to say on the subject. As a listener, maybe I should change the tone a bit? But I do not think that in practice I would ever deal. It was a chapter that passed, time for the next one!

At the same time, an amazing cover of Wardruna’s “Raido” was released in the winter. How did this idea come to you?

-It is a favorite track from a favorite band. It was completely out of my water, with the clear vocals that are definitely not my strong point, the special measure and the harmonious construction, something that is quite difficult to attribute to the heaviest types of music. In other words, I saw it as a challenge.

How much was The Sullen affected by the quarantine? Did time work positively for the creative part, or was it time to relax from anything?

In the first quarantine, time worked positively, for sure. Used to complete the EP to be exact. In the second quarantine, there was a devotion to other areas, so The Sullen was a little behind…. So far.

Although you said it again on the Invader a year ago in view of the release of EP, I would like you to tell me some records that you may have melted in quarantine.

-Oh, well I do not remember what I melted in quarantine. So I definitely remember catching Beastmilk “Climax”, I was also amazed by Employed to Serve “Eternal Forward Motion”, Phoxjaw “Royal Swan”, “We Do Not Need to Whisper” by Angels and Airwaves, “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” by Tribulation and” Once More Around the Sun” by Mastodon.

Knowing that The Sullen is a one man project, how will it be framed as a complete band for the Horns Up Festival? Who are the other members of the band?

-Well it’s the Riffobia / Melan Selas / Warcode guys. Dimitris, Miltos, Achilleas, Michalis, musicians and people that I appreciated a lot during the past years in Trikala.

Let’s make a shout out to the other groups of the guys as well.

Riffobia – Flawless traditional Thrash, kicking ass with beers and everything.

MELAN SELAS – Excellent Hellenic style Black Metal with a lot of atmosphere

Warcode – Death Metal to kick someone’s ass, modern though, with the attitude you need.

Will there be a special stage presence for The Sullen live, or will you let people play with their imagination when it comes to the visual part?

-This is a surprise you will see live. (Codeword for “we have not decided yet”).

What will we hear from The Sullen at the Horns Up Festival, but also in the future?

-In Horns Up we are going to present the EP, and it will probably be the first and last time this will happen. In the future (immediately) an album is being prepared, more versatile than the EP and with a different direction, both musically and thematically. These pieces will be heard at the festival as well!

Is it probably too early to make such plans, given the situation and the constant changes in everything?

-Having a plan does not mean that everything will go according to it. But it does mean that you have a compass for where you are headed and what you want to do. Therefore, no matter the situation, we can not leave our fate in the hands of others, especially when these third parties clearly do not care about our fate.