So, before we start, I really have to ask; Thundermother ARE rock ‘n’ roll, they don’t just play it, right?

YES, you got that perfectly right! Rock n Roll for us is not just about the music, it’s a lifestyle where you are whoever you want to be and just go follow your dreams. To be brave is Rock n Roll and to realize you are just beautiful the way you are is Rock n Roll. Don’t take shit from anyone and live your life the way you want to live it!

How was quarantine for you? Was it time well spent or a short “getaway” from everything?

Both. We all got some well deserved rest and time to spend with our friends and family. But we also made use of the time to practice individually on our instruments and to write new music and just tried to be creative in our own ways. We also have been promoting our new album as much as we could and did some live stream shows too. Whatever we could do to keep our spirits up during these weird times!

I’m so glad to find out about your band, honestly. “Heat Wave” is such an amazing record to blast within the original greek heat wave I’m witnessing right now. Tell me a few things about this new album.

Thank you so much! This album means a lot to us, and we are very proud of it! Whats new with this album is that we have been writing all the songs more or less together. On the previous three albums Filippa has done most of the songwriting, and of course did that very well, and we are very happy to now all be a part of it. It creates a special bound between us and our team is stronger than ever! We also found a secret weapon, Søren Andersen, who is just a perfect match for us. He is an amazing person, songwriter, musician and producer. He took the whole album to the next level. We just had a dream team in the studio, and a blast. I think you can hear that when you listen to the record!

Which song of the album are you particularly fond of and why?

I love every song, but there a a few of them who I really enjoy to play a little more than the others. ”Heat Wave” ”Back in 76” and ”Purple Sky” just have that mid tempo groove that I really love to play, in those songs I can really show what kind of drummer I am. ”Sleep” is also very special to me, because I wrote the string arrangement on it. I have a huge passion for orchestral music and I love to write that kind of music, and to finally be able to do something for Thundermother just felt great and amazing!

I would be silly to ask about Thundermother’s influences, so I’m just going to start with how did you come up with the band’s name and what have been your personal music heroes.

Filippa came up with the name when she founded the band, in 2010. She was just brainstorming and the name appeared in her head, like a miracle haha. She is a big AC/DC fan, and their sound has always been a core sound for Thundermother. My personal musical heroes is Iron Maiden, since I was a teenager, and as a drummer my main hero is John Bonham. And you can hear that in my drumming on our songs. People use to say that if John Bonham and Phil Rudd had a baby, that would have been me, haha!

As a Runaways/Girlschool/Vixen worshipper myself, how do you girls really do within the guys? On 2020 AD how can a girl gang survive without receiving criticism about her looks and just focus on the music?

Well, we often feel that we need to over prove ourselves, because people underestimate us only because we are women. But we love to be underdogs and we are confident in ourselves. We will always be judged but we decide to not care. And we take care of each other and support each other through tough situations. We need to get this world equal for real now, and if we can help by playing music we are super happy to do that!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

We’ve had many highlights.. to play at Wacken was definetley one of them! Also to play in the USA on the Kiss Kruise. To be able to have the band as only job is also a really big highlight. We feel so lucky to have this band as our only employment, its a dream come true!

How has coronavirus affected Thundermother and what can a fan do apart from streaming and buying merchandise during quarantine?

The only thing that has affected us is that we had to cancel a lot of shows, and that is of course a big deal for us. But otherwise we have just been going on as much as possible, and thank god we had already finished our album in february before everything closed down. I guess the best thing a fan can do right now is to support us by buying our new album, and help us reaching the charts and get us to the next level, so that whenever we can tour again, it will be like a big explosion!

AFM Records have been holding on some really cool names in their roster – can you give a shoutout to some bands or records that we should pay more attention on?

Rival Sons! One of my favorite bands, that I think deserves to be way bigger in this world. They are just really good musicians and have a great organic sound. We need to support music that is real!

What are the plans, apart from the rescheduled tour program which is still unknown due to the circumstances?

Right now, we are doing a corona style release tour in germany, which is really exciting! Our main plan right now is to just promote our new album in any possible ways we can!

Any last words? (I swear, this was not a threat!)

Hahahaha. Well, thank you for all the support and for this interview! Hope that we can tour soon so we can see you on a show on the road! Until then, stay healthy and positive!