Greetings! First of all, I would like to ask you how were Tomorrow’s Rain affected by the pandemic?

Sure, we released our long expected debut album “Hollow” in the first wave of the pandemic, of course tour was cancelled, and there were some really good tours on the table, also our release show in Tel Aviv was supposed to be played in 1000 capacity venue with all guests of the album, the guys from Moonspell, My Dying Bride, Swallow The Sun, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh etc that appeared in the album, we wanted to fly them all in, but everything was cancelled, we suffered the difficulty to promote the record the way we wanted too as people all over the world were worried about what tomorrow may bring and not so interested to hear new music, but it was a global problem, not ours, all the market and all the bands suffered from it all over the world, still I think the album did a very good result worldwide, it could be much bigger if the corona was not happening but still, it’s a major force thing.

Your album “Hollow” came out less than a year ago and it was highly praised by the critics. How did you manage this?

It just happened, you cannot control what the people in the press will write, I am glad that most journalists liked the album very much and found an interest, of course there were few that used the opportunity to “attack” us, as being a new band from Tel Aviv with so many famous musicians in the debut album can make us an easy target to few cynical guys but I couldn’t care less, in the past doing a magazine was a serious dedicated work with costs, now every newcomer who never held in his hand an original Slayer record can open a webzine and and write about bands, so it was pretty funny 5to read things like “oh they wrote that song just before the recording, for Greg Mackintosh especially” when he refers to a song that was written in 2003 and played live since than and released officially as a demo 6 years ago, these kids needs to do some homework, it was pathetic for him I think, but as I said 90% of the people liked it so all is good, the sun still shines on t.v.

What do you think that has been the band’s highlight so far?

Hard question, I can say that from live perspective playing shows with acts as Paradise Lost and Kreator was really great for us, especially Paradise Lost, we played with them few times already as support and it works perfect, also recording the album on both Hebrew and English versions was a very inspiring process as the songs are personal and deal with our life and nothing there is a fiction, there were few moments but I can’t really point one one special moment or act. And its good because it keeps us hungry and highly motivated.

Have there ever been times that things have become really complicated within the band? Have there been ups and downs?

I Formed the band in 2002 with Maor Appelbaum (nowdays a famous mastering guy in L.A) and Guitarist Raffael Mor, i had my previous band NAIL WITHIN split up right after a debut album via Listenable Records while Maor had his previous band, the goth act  SLEEPLESS split up, we were in serious crisis having to face with the lash strike of reality and devastated dream, we started to compose songs step by step  and it was obvious from the first song that it’s gonna be a reflection of our feelings back than and our lives back than was far from being normal and balanced, depression, drinking, anxiety, stress and panics attacks, stress etc etc – the reason it took so long is: when we started (as Moonskin) back in 2002 the band was our savior, than we wrote few songs, played few shows, opened for Epica here in Tel Aviv, than we started to feel more normal in our personal lives, less depressed, , we both got married, and i felt like having my life goin’ the right path, i felt much better and i felt i can’t go on stage night after night singing songs about my pain and inner demons while getting married , about to be a father (the greatest thing ever happened to me) and feel happier, it will be fake, it will be like going to work, so i told Maor that i don’t want to continue this any longer  as i don’t want to fake it, it was a pure artistic way of thinking. So we stopped around 2006.

In 2010 my life took a a serious change again, i got divorced, i felt so full of grief for the end of this relationship and the only thing in my mind was to protect my kid, i was broken, than i turned to the best saviour i know: music….songs.. the band

I called Rafael and told him 3 words “lets do it”, that’s it, simple as that, and about a day after we were in the studio and a month after we supported Dark Tranquillity and started to write the material you hear now on the album.

Since than we wrote the albums and played with Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, Swallow The Sun, Kreator, Tribulation and we were about to play with Tiamat and Samael and than the covid19 madness started sadly…

What’s your favorite track from “Hollow”?

For me personally “Trees” but I believe that if you will ask all the band members each one will give you a different track..:-)

The world has been facing extreme challenges after the pandemic. Social distancing, vaccinated and non-vaccinated people, the rise of the extreme-right all over the world, that leads people to dead-ends. How do you face those social problems as a band?

We don’t, we just try to write music, do what is possible, record and proceed with our second album and focus the energy in art and creativity, if I will start to think all the time about the pandemic and the risks and the extreme right and the unknown future I will simply hurt my mental health and sanity, its pointless because we have zero control on these things so it’s a one way ticket to endless fears etc etc, it’s better to put the energy into something creative and wait for the “flood” to pass.

What are Tommorow’s Rain plans for 2021, at least the rest of it?

We have 7 new songs already for the second album and we will start the recording after the summer, also we have a big release show in Tel Aviv of the album in it’s Hebrew version, we released the album also in Hebrew with many local known rock artists as guests so the whole thing will hit the stage on October 6th, we also have a show with Tiamat in October and one with Paradise Lost in November, hopefully everything will happen as planned.

Is it really soon to ask about any future releases by the band within 2022?

Not early, our second album will be released in 2022, hopefully without the pandemic on our back.

What would you like to say to the band’s fans?

Huge thanks for the endless support, we appreciate it and we read and comment to every person who writes us, we got a lot of mails from people all over the world sharing with us personal things about how the record or a specific song helped them in darkest hours and it’s the most important thing for us.

The last words are yours!

Thank you and Metal Invader for the interview, I know the magazine since the early days so its great to see you continue to carry the torch, the Greek scene have a warm place in our hearts and we know we will play Athens as soon as we can, we have many friends there from Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Nightfall, Yoth Iria etc etc and we always felt connected there since the early 90’s so yes, we are looking forward !