I had a talk with Torche’s bass player, Jonathan Nuñez, concerning their upcoming appearance at Desertfest Athens (7-8 October), courtesy of Detox Events, and their most recent work, “Restarter”. Of course that wasn’t all. Scroll down for the rest…

Hello, boys and welcome to Metal Invader! You’re no strangers to the Greek audience. How does it feel to come back?

Feels great to be coming back!! We’ve gad such great experiences the last two times we’ve been over!!

You’ll be part of one of the biggest underground music festivals that ever happened in Greece among other great bands and many upcoming and aspiring Greek artists. Is there any group on the line-up that you feel like sharing the stage with?

We’re definitely stoked to be on tour with Red Fang and look forward to playing with Pentagram and Karma to Burn again.

Last time you were here, a few months back, wasn’t an ideal one, because of a sudden strike that occurred in the means of public transport that discouraged many people from showing up to the show. Yet, you gave an intimate and really fun performance for your fans. What is it for you then? A club show for the few and good or a big festival?

We had no idea about the transportation strike, and once we arrived, we were like damn…our luck (laughs). The show was great and our hosts were fantastic!! Whether it’s a small show or giant festival as long as there’s a connection and fun vibe between us and the crowd it’s going to be great.

Your last show was part of your tour supporting your latest album “Restarter”. What should we expect this time?

Yes it was. This time we’ll be switching things up with songs off different records, although “Restarter” tracks won’t be taking a back seat.


“Restarter” was one of the few albums that combine perfectly a sludge heaviness and catchy structure. It was, as I like to put it, a “sludge pop” record. What’s your opinion on that?

I could agree with you totally. It’s a record that came together fairly quickly and naturally. Both aspects of our sound which you mentioned were at the forefront for “Restarter”.

It also did both well on the charts (it was in the “Billboard 200” list I think) and by critics. Did you expect this kind of acclaim?

We are very pleased on how things are going with the record and the good reviews and reception it got. It’s a record of ours I’m proud of.


I believe that there’s a constant “sunny” vibe in your music even when things are getting serious and since everyone’s a product of their environment that it has to do with being active in Miami. Speak your mind please about my theory.

I agree with you on thus we would not be the same people nor would our music sound the same if we weren’t from Miami. It’s sunny, crazy paced place, with explosive cuisine as well as personalities. It a unique place and I feel it translates into our sound.

What else does inspire you to create?

Life, good times, bad times, traveling, favorite songs and records, experiences, it can come from anywhere.


I’ve witnessed you excel all these years both on creating experimental, chaotic pieces and also catchier stuff. In my mind each case requires a certain craftsmanship. Which do you find more difficult and which more fun to do?

Our songs come together naturally, are never forced and some take more work than others. I like a challenge and appreciate when things come together smoothly and easy at times. One’s gotta have it all in my opinion.

Throughout your career you’ve worked with many influential and great artists (Boris, Aaron Turner, Kurt Ballou, etc.). Which collaboration you find the most fruitful?

All our collaborations had their benefits and good experiences. Our records or history wouldn’t be the same without these.


You were a part of the legendary Hydra Head Records, an underground label that gave major help to popularize many forms of extreme music, and now you’ve moved to the significantly bigger Relapse Records. What are the differences between the philosophies of the two? Are you happy in Relapse?

We are incredibly happy with Relapse. They’ve been great to us and really take care and look after their bands. It’s a great feeling to work with genuine music fanatics.

Thanks so much for your time. You can close this interview as you please. Any last words for our readers?

We are very happy to be coming back to Greece. It’s a beautiful place with great, energetic and fun people.