On the occasion of their gigs in both Athens and Thessaloniki, Metal Invader took the opportunity and had a discussion with Treason As Relief. Here it goes…

Hey guys! This is Elpida and I welcome you to Metal Invader for our first chit chat! Are you all well? Are you preparing for your concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki?

Thank you for having us! First of all, we would like to thank you warmly for this opportunity to share our experiences and some of our thoughts. Of course, we’re getting ready for both of our gigs and some new stuff.

I would like to start from the very simple, in the sense that it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to people who may not yet know you. Tell us a few words about Treason As Relief. How did you get your name, how did you all get together and what were your initial goals?

Treason As Relief we were formed in Athens in 2014 as a melodic hardcore / metalcore band. Since then we have made quite a few shoes and have released 3 singles.The name came from a continuous, tedious and long-standing effort to find a name that has no other band (and of course we like it!). We believe that it is the common experiences we have as members in and out of the studio or stage, which is an important factor in acquiring chemistry and giving a character to the band. We spend a lot of time working but a lot of time as a group of friends as well. The original goal, to be honest, was to see how things were from the inside of the scene and also to show a small piece of personal work that we had at that time. Of course, by maturing and seeing the possibilities opened up to us, new goals were set and some preexisting ones were upgraded.

About four years have elapsed since the establishment of your band. Do you think that many goals have been achieved by those you have set? Which is your most immediate next target?

Most of our goals are mainly long-term, such as a large-scale discography, tours, contact with the world. Several short-term ones as well, such as singles and lives, have been achieved. There are, of course, too many who have failed to be achieved due to mistaken design and mistakes we made because of inexperience. Our next goal is the release of our first EP.

Until now, as far as I know, you’ve released three singles. Do you have any EP or maybe a full-length album in your plans? If so, do you want to share with us some information about this?

They are both within our immediate goals. We are currently in the recording process of an EP and at the same time we are composing material so that the procedures for our first full length can start. We believe our EP will be released in the coming months.

Musically speaking, youwalkingalong the Melodic Metalcore trails, but your sound is quite personal; you have your stamp. What were your main influences?

It’s a great pleasure to recognize this. So far the pieces that have been released are close enough to the melodic metalcore genre. Now, it’s a fact that we have a wide range of influences, sometimes outside the metal frames; we’re trying to get something different. Sowe are in a process of “experimentation” and “error” in composition and sound, without being limited to metalcore’s needs. The most influential influences are August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, The Ghost Inside and Rise Against.

I discern pessimism and general negativity on your lyrics. Why so? What matters do you care about and what’s message you want to convey to your listeners?

The main theme was to bring to light the concerns we had about the inequalities we experienced and observed in society. It makes sense to mention that the lyrics of singles were written at a time with a different lineup and we were not as mature as we are today. This has resulted in an ambiguity as to what we wanted to express and to bring out only negativity and persistence in specific points. In our future material, we will refer to more and different subjects without leaving our initial concerns.

You are expected to appear in Athens (13/04, An club) and in Thessaloniki (15/04, Eightball Live Stage), shows run by Straight From The Heart Records. What to expect from Treason As Relief?

Definitely something very different from our previous performances. Firstly, we have new line up, new sound and new tracks. We have seen the mistakes we have made and we believe that many of these have been corrected.

What are the next steps of Treason As Relief? What do you have in your plans?

We are at a time when we spend a lot of time in the studio recording and composing. In the immediate future, therefore, we are aiming to show this work in the world. As far as we can, we will siege any opportunity to book some gigs, but our priority is the release of our EP.

Well, thank you for making the time and your honesty! That’s all from me for now. The last words are yours!

We’re close to 4 years of existence and as reality shows, we’ll be around for quite long. The crowd has played an important role all this time, with its support on and off stage. So, we’d like to seal this interview with a huge “Thank you!”.