nsane is one of the greatest noise rock bands out there. We needed no more to grab the opportunity to make this interview as they released a new album and they also are coming to Athens for the Fraternity of Sound Festival.

Hello fellows and welcome to Metal Invader. New full length after five years, new label, tour announcement and so on…One can say that there’s not much resting in the Unsane camp. How’s everything right now?

Everything’s great!  Been on tour in Europe about a week and the shows are going well.  Looking forward to coming to Greece.

Your latest output “Sterilize” will be out in Southern Lord Records in a few days. How do you feel looking at it coming out of the production stage? Are you satisfied with the end result?

Absolutely! We recorded everything ourselves and had our friend Andrew Schneider mix.  This is his third record with us and always makes us sound huge.

You’ve changed many labels over the years. How do you feel this time about Southern Lord?

Southern Lord have been doing an amazing job for us on this record.  Tons of publicity, great people to work with.


You’ll be performing at Fraternity of Sound Festival in Athens, Greece along with some of the greatest artists of the greatest underground music spectrum (Godflesh, Nurse with Wound, Thurston Moore, etc). What should the Greek audience expect from your set here?

An hour of aural decimation and hopefully a good time.

You may not be the first, but you’re most definitely one of the most influential noise rock (I don’t know if you accept the term) bands in the genre. That thing you did combining aggressive metallic heaviness with the characteristic, schizophrenic quality of noise rock made you stand out and infiltrate to different audiences. Was standing out a wish when you started playing or a happy coincidence?

Definitely ahappy accident.  We never set out for much in advance but rather stick to what we know and write effectively for any particular sound we’re trying to achieve at that moment.

The noise rock genre counts some really underrated and full of talent bands like Dazzling Killmen or Kittens. Share some bands you think people should have looked at more.

Both those bands are great!  We toured with Kittens a while back.  I feel the Cherubs are one of the best around.  There’s bunch of bands from the nineties like Shorty, Keelhaul and Craw I feel may have been overlooked.  All of them amazing.

As a band, you’ve come across some pretty heavy incidents like the death of Charlie Ondras or the attack Chris suffered in Vienna. You made it through, though. Do you believe that these kinds of incidents are a part of what Unsane are today?

Well,certainly not by choice, but inevitably yes.  You end up counting your blessings a lot after events like that.

Your music is always branded by hopelessly dystopic and graphic themes and art. Are Unsane an output for the evil and western anxiety humans hold inside them? Are they essential for your being all these years?

Evil no.  If we can be some sort of emotional release vehicle for anyone feeling disenfranchised or frustrated with their respective situations, great.  We’re lucky to be able to do this for ourselves first.


Your first’s album cover art is one of most beautifully disturbing artworks used in extreme music. What’s the story behind it? Is this a real photo?

It is.  A friend that worked in forensics donated it to the band.

Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward for your set in Athens. The epilogue is yours.

Thank You! Looking forward to Athens!