It is our utmost pleasure to have you here, and especially, due to the occasion of your upcoming live show after so many cancellations!

Good evening, Crystal! Finally, after many months of waiting we will get to rest, listen to the music we enjoy and see our friends and partners in the excellent Horns Up Festival!

How much were you affected by the quarantine and what was going on behind the scenes for Varathron all this time?

Fortunately for all of us, we went through the difficult days without “bad blood”, in all aspects. As for Varathron, several concerts might have been cancelled, but at the same time, we were given some extra time to organize the live album. Also, Stefanos and I were able to focus completely on the new Katavasia, which is just released, without any distractions.

In a few days you have the “Glorification Under the Latin Moon” release scheduled, a concert that was recorded in Sao Paulo and includes the live version of the entire “His Majesty At the Swamp”. Did you think that the right time for this came about 27 years later?

In 2020 “His Majesty…” may be 27 years old,  but Varathron is 32! “Glorification…” is not just a celebration album for thoaw 3 decades of abysmal existence – mainly thanks to the stubbornness and perseverance of Stefanos – but at the same time, it is a declaration of dominance and stability for a band that is finally justified! The timing, as well as the location of the recording, were both ideal for us. Brazil, Latin America, an awesome tour for the people who have supported this band as much as anyone else over the years. “His Majesty” is one of our favorite albums and we wanted to integrate it in our setlist without leaving out new or even older tracks.

What is the difference amongst Varathron from the days of “His Majesty…” to “Patriarchs of Evil”? Personally but also musically speaking?

In 1993 I was 6 years old, so it was a bit difficult to make such a comparison! Now the band has professional specifications, we know what we do, how we will do it and we have the confidence to continue without taking anyone into account. At the very first years, as for all the groups of that time, things were more chaotic, difficult but also pure. There was genuine passion and need to communicate with other people with similar dreams and ideas around the world, while of course this could only be done through mail and tape trading. I am not saying that this does not exist today, but when Stefanos talks about those days, you get to see that it is not something that a child can easily experience and easily understand today.

Which Varathron track has a special place for the band?

Difficult question. I would say 3 pieces. “Unholy Funeral” which is very much loved by the world and has never been left out of the setlist, “Cassiopeia’s Ode” for its unique style and the most recent “Ouroboros Dweller” which I consider to be one of the best pieces that has ever been composed by the band.

Last year, a split with Rotting Christ was released through “Hells Headbangers”. How did this come up?

“The Holy Trinity” of the Hellenic Black Metal scene for many are Rotting Christ, Necromantia and Varathron. In 1992, the legendary split Necromantia / Varathron was released while in 2017 the “Primordial Evil” was released, a split between Necromantia and Rotting Christ. So that’s how the circle had to come to anend and that’s how it finally happened with “Duality Of The Unholy Existence”. All 3 bands shared members and experiences from their birth.

In a few days we have Trikala and Horns Up Festival. What can we expect from you and what do you expect from us here?

For now, let’s hope we don’t have any unpleasant surprises. From us, you can expect an enjoyable show with tracks from our first records, demos of course and several tracks from “Patriarchs Of Evil”! As always, we look forward to seeing you all up close to talk, have a good time and drink lots of beers, always with respect to the health measures that unfortunately we have to follow correctly.

Thank you very much Achilles for your time, see you soon!

Thank you! Good luck!