Vermingod,Greece,2015,Interviews,,Death Metal,Ungodly Ruins Productions

Shortly before the release of Vermingod’s new album we had the chance to talk with their guitarist George.

Welcome to Metal Invader!

A basic question that I love asking often. Pork or beef, and tsipouro with or without aniseed? Hahaha!

Beef and tsipouro without aniseed… pure stuff!

To begin with, tell us some stuff about Vermingod.

The band was formed long before the release of its debut! In 2003 I found myself with Stathis and Dimitris, old band members, and slowly we started rehearsing covers until we bonded. As time went on we tried to write our own material. Though, the actual release was delayed by the regular changes in the line up! In 2008, however, we managed to stabilize the band’s members with Aris and Telis! Two years later we succeeded in releasing “The Grand March to Devastation”. After almost a year, we released online “Symptom Cult” as well! After this release, unfortunately, two key members left the band! This was a heavy blow since the band was active! After various situations and with the addition of two new members, Elijah and Lefteris, we decided to write a new record! And we feel that we are in the best phase as a band!

Vermingod,Greece,2015,Interviews,,Death Metal,Ungodly Ruins Productions

You are a band from Patra. What difficulties does a band located in the province and not in Athens or Thessaloniki face? Do you think it is difficult to achieve something, or is it a matter of each bandseparately?

I think it depends on the band! On the other hand, if you’re in Athens you can do more things more easily! However, I don’t consider each city as a criterion! I stick with music and what it has to offer and always considering the audience it’s addressed to!

As Vermingod, how you write your music?

Without this meaning thatI’m the leader of the band… usually I come first with an integrated concept which gives room for a lot of ideas from all the other guys! We always talk about each track democratically on how to get it to the final form! The truth is that it takes some time to conclude, but the important thing is for everybody to like it in the end and that’s the purpose of playing with other people! We listen to the opinions each one can offer! Especially me, since I deal with the material.

A few months ago “A Stranded Figure Painted Pus” was released by Ungodly Ruin Prods. Soon enough the album titled “Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom” will be released after many efforts. How do you feel about that?

I’m obviously proud of our work. I feel that we deserved a strong release and a record that would make us stand out from obscurity! We have much to show as a band on many levels and that’s our aim. We don’t care about reputation, but to be recognized.

Vermingod,Greece,2015,Interviews,,Death Metal,Ungodly Ruins Productions

What are the themes of your lyrics? What are your influences?

The album has a concept… Consider itas a tribute to the dark side where man refuses to plead and act as a Being. Personally I am obviously influenced by the poems of Baudelaire “Flowers of Evil”. And through my own thoughts Aris generalized the theme, written his own songs and connected them with my own themes. I must point out that Stelios Panagiotakis (Once Them Edens) has contributed considerably to the creation of some tracks. “Stranded Figure Pus” has its own theme. And I’m very happy for his touch.

I can say that this album, from the sample that we have heard so far, is going to be a blast!The music you play is kind of complicated. A marriage between Misery Index, Suffocation and even Gojira. The result is amazing. Several brutal points encounter melody in your music. Who is responsible for this and how did you manage to do such a “marriage”?

Pretty much all of us are responsible for that! It’s a matter of what the band listens to. And we think it’s evident in our tracks, hoping in the best possible way. You know, it’s very easy to lose it when you are influenced by various genres and the result is little, if I may use the term, kitsch.

Steve Lado of Tardive Dyskinesia handled the production of the album. It’s a very good work, if not perfect. Did you get what you wanted?

Definitely yes. Telis encouraged us to collaborate and certainly we haven’t regretted it at all. The cooperation between Telis andStefanos helped the bandtremendously. And the result is strong. On production levels it has nothing to envy from many other works.

If I’m not mistaken, your last live gig was on the New Long Fest in NeaMakri. Now the album comes out. Have you prepare any live gigs in both Greece and abroad?

Yes both in Greece and abroad. We want to promote the album as much as we can. We aren’t able to announce something, since nothing is confirmed yet. But soon you will know.

The extreme sound in Greece is flourishing. Are there any bands that you admire?

It was about time for this to happen and the crowd to turn to the Greek scene. It’sstrong and keeps producing great stuff. I will speak on a personal level and in terms of our scene.Those who transplanted the domestic scene everywhere are Dead Congregation. To understand the magnitude of the band just see them playing and then you won’t think otherwise.

Vermingod,Greece,2015,Interviews,,Death Metal,Ungodly Ruins Productions

Greeks and not only, are facing hard times. Chaos everywhere. You don’t know what you’ll wake up to the next morning. What is your message for these troubled times?

Fighting for what we really want. And it is time to understand the feeling of solidarity! The world needs it. And never stop believing in better things.

That’s all from us! Thank you for your time. The closure is yours…

I will not say much… Support the Greek scene and stop having dreams; just aspirations and goals!