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We saw them playing live, we liked them big time, then we learned that they are planning of releasing a new album and they are also playing in Defcon fest, so we had to chat a bit! Btw, if you are into some Heavy/stoner shit you shouldn’t miss the chance watching them live! You have been warned!

Good evening lads! Please share with us the story behind the birth of Void Droid!

Good evening! Haris and Bill started the band in October 2012 and it finally ended up with the current line up in March 2013. At the same year, in April we released in digital form our first demo named “Void Droid” and ever since we are writing new songs, playing live and preparing our upcoming album.

Void Droid,News,Interviews,Greece,2015,Southern Rock,Heavy Rock,How did you come up with the name? Are there any “Star Wars” fans among the members?

The name was given by Bill and it consists of two of his favorite stuff. Faceless Void (Dota) and Star Wars! It sounded good, everyone liked it, so we kept it. We are all Star Wars’ fans more or less, since these are some of the best movies ever made and whoever does not agree with that should not read further on! You don’t even deserve being online! (with no questions asked – some people preferred the name Droid Void pfff…)

As far as I know, you have started recording… Where are the recordings taking place and which point are you at, as we speak?

The recordings have started a while ago and they are taking place at 8Yard Studios of our friend Christos Vlachos from Black Hat Bones. The drums, the bass, the guitars and almost all the vocals are completed… In October we will be entering the final stage of mixing.

When should we be waiting for the album’s release? Will it be self-released or is there any interest by a label?

We would like to believe that the release of the album will take place sometime in early or middle 2016 in cd format. When it comes to distribution, several labels have shown interest, but the truth is that we haven’t really paid much attention to that, since we are interested in finishing recording and mixing without any distractions… When we are through with all that, then we’ll look into that too!

Will there be any surprises in the album? A song that we have never heard before or one of the amazing covers you have made now and then?

There are no plans of a cover in the album, but there will definitely be a song that we have never performed live!

Void Droid,News,Interviews,Greece,2015,Southern Rock,Heavy Rock,

With your live appearances you have made a name of yourselves, before even having an official release (besides the demo). Is Void Droid a band focused on live acts?

First, thank you for your kind words… We personally do not know if Void Droid is a band made for playing live, but we sure as hell crave for them and enjoy them 100%. We like to believe that the energy we display onstage has an impact on the crowd because, any way to see it, it is a major form of interaction…

The heavy/stoner/southern scene is blooming the last few years in Greece. Do you suppose this has something to do with the Greek temperament and our geography?

Hmm, one could say that this southern/stoner sound fits well with the general Mediterranean “feel good” idiosyncrasy, as it is quite a fun music. And that may be true up to a point, but from a point we think that this genre can be included in one of the trends that come and go.

Your live performance made me suspect there is a strong dose of education in music among the band members. Is that the case?

All the band members are more or less self-taught, still we have taken some lessons. Andreas has practiced the piano for a few years, Bill plays bass as well, Angelos originally played the guitar, but in Droid he has bass duties and finally Haris has had drum lessons and is focused exclusively on them.

Void Droid,News,Interviews,Greece,2015,Southern Rock,Heavy Rock,

Have you plans for any shows nowadays, or will you focus entirely on the release of the album?

We have already scheduled our appearance in Defcon Festival in Athens on October 2nd together with many beautiful bands! From then on we have a lot of things in mind, which we will announce through our page in Facebook in time..!

If I am not mistaken all four of you come from different cities… Have you started making any plans for after the release of the album, in case (something I wish and I believe in) it is a big success?

True, we come from different cities. We haven’t had that discussion up to this point, still there is a small plan for moving to a new place… everything is under consideration… We just might rehearse through Skype!

Here comes a question aligned with the vibe: tsipouro with aniseed or without?

Without, of course, but we will drink everything if there is no other way!

You may close this interview your own way!

Thank you for this interview and for your kind words! See ya all soon in a live somewhere out there!