Thrash/Speed Germans Vulture for an unknown and certainly foolish reason are not the hottest name out there. And I ask myself WHY? Of course anyone that has listened to their spectacular EP entitled “Victim to the Blade” knows that they are the real deal and probably have already understood it from their first glance on the EP’s artwork cover…but let’s hear what A. Axetinctör (a.k.a Irön Kommander from Bulldozing Bastard) has to say…

Congratulations for “Victim To The Blade“, probably one of the best releases for this year. After the release of your demo, High Roller almost immediately signed you. Tell us more about it. How easy was it to choose among other labels?

A: Thank you very much! The decision was fairly easy for us since we’ve worked with High Roller before with Bulldozing Bastard. We love the professional work HRR is doing and so it was a no brainer. We presented the demo to them and the deal was sealed almost instantly.

Did you have any other offers?

A: No, since HRR was the label of our choice and we didn’t send the material to any other label prior to the demos release there was no other option.

Are you satisfied with the feedback you’re getting?

A: The feedback we got so far is just amazing. We never thought that we could reach this amount of response with a demo and that it would sell out this fast.

Would you change anything in order to satisfy more people or to increase your audience?

A: We would never do anything that we as musicians and music consumers wouldn’t approve of so a clear NO on this one. If we change something it will always be a matter of personal choice and preference.

You also play in well-known bands such as Quintessence, Bulldozing Bastard, Luzifer, Hellhunt or Wifebeater, so is Vulture a main priority or is it actually a project?

A: From the first minute onwards we said to ourselves that Vulture won’t be another studio project but a real band with live shows and everything. And with the amount of positive feedback there is no chance other than it being a main priority. Time will tell how well we manage to focus on every band and project the amount it needs and deserves.


Most of the lyrical themes in such releases are stereotypic about war, hatred, Satan and darkness. What are your lyrics elaborate?  I suppose you are great fans of old horror and suspense movies…

A: You guessed right with that. All of us have written lyrics about the themes you named in other bands and projects so we felt that we needed something different this time. Of course we are far from being first ones to pick up the themes of horror and suspense but I think there is still a lot to work with.

Why did you choose to include a cover on your first release and why this specific Priest song?

A: We wanted to do a live cover of Rapid Fire for a while now but it never quite made it but it was always on the back of our minds.

Since the song already has a lot of proto speed metal tropes we thought it would be the perfect song to turn into a full blown speed metal hymn and I think it turned out great. It’s a nice bonus on the demo and shows how thin the line between heavy and speed metal really is.

Tell us some of your main influences and name please the top 5 of the speed/thrash albums that any collector must have.

A: To narrow it down to a few I would say Judas Priest, Agent Steel and Exodus and Metallica in their early years. Overall we wanted to recreate that feeling from back then when lines between genres were still  undefined and no one really knew how to describe music which was heavier and faster than Maiden, Priest or Sabbath .

Exodus – Bonded by Blood

Agent Steel – Skeptics Apocalypse

VoiVod – War and Pain

Kreator – Pleasure to Kill

Slayer – Show no Mercy/Haunting the Chapel

Any plans of touring? Rumors say you are close on booking on Keep It True…?

A: Nothing concrete yet but it will happen sooner or later I guess. On the KIT rumor: You might know more than we do, haha. We’ve not heard anything so far but it would be amazing.


 Any chance to see you in Greece?

A: We didn’t get any offers from Greece so far but if we get a good one which fits our schedules we’d be glad to come.

When we should expect the full length to hit the stores?

A: If everything works out as it is planned (which is almost never the case) I’d say late spring or early summer of next year but I wouldn’t bet on it.

The closing is yours.

A: We are Vulture, pure High Speed Metal down your throat! Grab your copy of ‘Victim to the Blade’ now! Thank you for the interview, stay clean!