Whatever End is a band hailing from Athens, Greece and they are no strangers to the scene, but just this year they managed to complete their first official work which is no other than “A Birth of Loss”. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this record unravel at Death Disco’s stage on Saturday, June 10th along with Amniac and New Past for a heavy gig.

Hello folks and welcome to Metal Invader! You’ve just put out your first album “A Birth of Loss”. Are you satisfied with the result? Is there something that you may have done differently, now that you’re looking at it flowing autonomously in the internet chaos?

Hello to you, too! We’re more than happy for the release of our first album. If we had the chance to start from scratch, we may have changed a small thing or two, but in general we gave our best and don’t think there’s something that needs to be changed. The album feels as it should be!

What has changed now that you look at things as a band with an official and concrete release on your hands?

The bar has been raised in our minds. There are many sides that we as a band think more maturely of and believe that the result of this maturity is going to be crystal clear in future releases.

It’s relatively easy for someone to draw information about the technical stuff behind your record through your social media accounts, so we won’t spend time on those. Tell us something about the whole process from the rehearsals to the album that yet hasn’t been translated to zeroes and ones on our screens. 

Planning the whole thing was the hard part, because in this type of procedures you have to sync with other people each being faithful to their own schedules. That’s something that someone can’t spot easily looking from the outside. We had to work very much on it from the first rehearsal to the last part of the procedure.

Loss is something that everyone has or is going to experience at some stage of life with one way or another.  Inspired by the album’s title, how has loss gave birth to Whatever End? Is the “End” (pun intended) so important that has to be declared by any means?

Referencing on pessimistic philosophies, many times the end can be much more important than the start. For many, the end is salvation. On a whole different prism that particular end creates loss. Whatever End have been born and raised by this idea. However, loss as a reference is not necessary material for us. Lost dreams, ideas and thoughts, etc. can be a part of the band’s thematic palette.

Is this going to be the first time for you performing material from the new record live or some of its songs have been through a test drive in the past before the path to enter the studio, like “Triarchy”? If yes, how did the studio recording time filtered and made you revisit previous choices?

All of its songs have been performed live before because as we prepared for it we played some shows. Live shows were a serious test drive, but when we entered the studio each one of us knew exactly everything he wanted to achieve with his sound. We had some adjustments of course, but we were pretty much settled on our vision.

How do you feel and what are your expectations about your first official live presentation of your music?

We’re excited. We get very positive feedback and that makes us believe it’s worth the trouble. We don’t know what to expect, but we definitely want it to touch the fans the same way it touches us as creators.

Are there any plans to support the record on Greek or even European territory?

There really nothing planned for now besides the official release show in June 10th at Death Disco, but some shows inside or outside Greece would be very interesting. It would be a special experience since we never performed outside of Athens.

I noticed that you hired a promotion label for setting up your release show. Do you believe it’s necessary for an underground band to act accordingly in its first big steps?

We wouldn’t deem it necessary, for sure. It’s just a big help because of the much amount of time you need to get informed and act right when the time’s not enough. In our case it was necessary to help and guide us on our first steps supporting our material.

The internet has pushed up strongly digital formats as a way to enjoy contemporary music. Will the fetishists of physical copies get their chance from Whatever End?

Of course! In our merch you’ll find our album in a physical form and T-shirts!

Tell us a few words about the bands which you’re going to share the stage with on your first big step.

Death Disco’s stage will be shared with Amniac and New Past. They’re both excellent bands with unique and personal sound, lots of shows on their plate and we believe they’re going to create a perfect mood. Come early. They’re worth it.

Thank you so much for your time. I wish you all the best for the record and the band. The epilogue is yours.

Thank you so much for the questions and your comments. We hope that the material will surpass yours and your readers’ expectations. Cheers!!