Genre: U.S. Power/Speed
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2017

Ironically, during the late 80’s, the West was trying to demonstrate a form of pettiness for the nations located on the eastern side of what was known to be the Iron Curtain,whilethe fall of the pseudo-Socialist Blocwas taking place, due to them being isolated, while at the same time the free world was being bombarded with trash on cinemas, literature, poetry and generally, in any form of art.The access to arts wasn’t as free as it seemed, in neither of the ideologically opposing sides. Technology was meant to be the factor that would bring the balance and would compensate for the inequity that bands (associated with our genre) had to deal with. Bands (under the broad Heavy Metal umbrella) that was unable to reach the Eastern Block because of the “party’s dogmatic discipline” censorship. Also, bands from within the “West”, that their qualities as artists were undermined by their lack of potential for commercial success and were unable to assure any contracts with labels so their work could reach a larger audience. I can’t imagine any other reason why a band like Intrepid didn’t manage to sign a contract, especially during 1988-1989 that U.S. Power/Speed Metal, that these guys from Tuscon-Arizona were playing, was at its high. The sub-genre veterans though, considered their demo-tape recording titled “The Message” in 1988, a well-hidden gem from that scene and after them being discovered through various blogs and sites -and of course You tube-catered to U.S. power/speed, by more people, the legend surrounding their name, rapidly grew.Interpid - The Message cass Lost Realm Records move to sigh Intrepid up was ingenious. Finally, this brilliant demo was released while maintaining the original recordings that finely capture the spirit of that era as well with the force of the band and managing to avoid a pointless re-recording that would only take away any form of connection with the original demo. Music-wise, Intrepid are playing a mixture of fast paced and technical traditional U.S. Power, with a few progressive elements here and there. If you are one of those people that enjoy Liege Lord and Helstar, this is a band that will ring a bell. Their melodic compositions that don’t lack on aggression and power, reminded me of Powermad – without having those Thrash elements, obviously. This release was enriched with 7 more songs from a live recording which basically was a rehearsing from the same year (despite the bad sound, it includes amazing takes on some very beautiful formulas). You will also find the lyrics of “As the Fire Burns” (which is undeniably an anthem), “The Message” and “Sweet Revenge”. The cover honors the cover of the demo -it’s actually even better- in a packaging worth investing on. It’s notonly aimed to the fans of the genre, but to anyone that loves sharp riffs, speed, high pitched vocals and especially…that era.