Genre: Heavy/Power
Country: Denmark
Label: Crime Records
Year: 2019

Denmark (personally speaking) when it comes to metal is for Europe what Canada is for America. Even though the releases are not as many as in other northern European countries still almost whatever comes out of there is amazing, if not monumental. Still there are very few bands that managed to shine internationally, most of them remained to the underground, while the quantity was superior from the quality. Danish Iron Fire are active since 2000 and Beyond The Void is their 9th full length. All productive, whatever the case is. Their albums are ranked above the average; however they did not manage to create something that would make them climb high in the scale, next to other monsters of the heavy/power scene. This year’s effort is among the highlights of their discography and can be distinguished in a somehow faded genre. “Beyond the Void” stands out for its consistency, while it can be heard pleasantly until the end. The short lasting compositions are a great help in this one. Steady rhythm section, nice bridges, catchy choruses and easy to remember melodies, straight-to-the-face heavy metal, mid tempo as well as faster parts are the elements needed to create Beyond the Void. Iron Fire reminds us that it takes brains, not brawn. Heavy/power can rise and shine within its simplicity, which is something most musicians do not take into consideration and always end up doing nothing but chit-chat. All fans of European heavy/power and of bands such as Mystic Prophecy should keep their eyes open on Iron Fire’s latest album.