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Genre: Heavy Metal/Ν.W.Ο.Β.Η.Μ.
Country: England
Year: 2017

1999 was an important year for British football since Manchester United F.C. returned, where it belongs, to the top of Europe, while managed to achieve taking the treble. In 1999, Bruce Dickinson also returned where he belongs, to the best band of all time in heavy metal, while he made everyone pay attention on the traditional sound again, something that is a notable fact obviously. And if the success of the red devils is due to the iconic manager sir Alex Fergusson, equally we would not be exaggerating if we issued the return of Iron Maiden to the top to their manager Rod Smallwood. And yes, it seems monotonous to follow the pattern album-tour-live album of the five full lengths from 2000 since 2017, but the game of United also seemed predictable with the long passes of Becks and the ways of Giggs, but that didn’t stop them from winning everything in their path, as nothing is capable of stopping the legendary Maiden. Enough with the football references though. In a full, complete double CD, triple vinyl, with a title “The Book of Souls: Live Chapter”, it contains fifteen recorded songs from the tour “The Book of Souls World Tour”, which covered 39 countries in six continents and approximately two million tickets… The specialty of “The Book of Souls: Live Chapter” is that it’s the first sample of Dickinson’s voice after his problem with larynx cancer. Even if he sounds a bit worn (“Wrathchild”), Bruce nails it with his performance, with any small mistakes adding to his triumph. The rest of the members seem like a well-oiled machine and yes, we can’t find anything wrong in hymns like The Trooper, Fear of the Dark, Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast and Wasted Years, but what truly adds to this release is how majestic the new tracks sound live. Perfectly played, excellent performance by all members, what makes one more reason to buy a ticket for Rockwave are the six tracks of the last album: If Eternity Should Fail, Speed of Light, Death or Glory, The Red and the Black, The Great Unknown and The Book of Souls. Choosing Powerslave in the track listing only seems like a dream, as I would also characterize its execution…