Genre: Crossover/Thrash/Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2017

George Bush Jr was a president tailor made for radical activist songs that were a reaction in the form of musicalized rage in combination with the teenage/youthful rebelliousness of (mostly) the Americans, but also of those who seemed to care enough to let History finish in 1989. With Ministry in the forefront, a lot of music history was recorder, literally and metaphorically, during the years of the Texan’s presidency. But the current president Trump is exceeding any kind of expectation… Bringing in mind the legendary decade of the 80’s and the cult figure of the republican cowboy Reagan. So, the associations bring naturally in mind the golden era of crossover. Of course it is difficult for the same phenomenon with the abundance of bands that the social situation of the 80’s gave birth to to repeat itself, but even though the people are more aware and also more worn out, the scenery has many similarities. Also Iron Reagan are similar with Municipal Waste, but it would be a superficial and wrongful judgement to consider the first as a secondary project for Tony Foresta, Landphil Hall και Ryan Parrish, or like the poor relative of Municipal Waste or Darkest Hour. Actually Iron Reagan’s debut album in 2012 was much more impressive than the one Municipal Waste released the same year. Now in their third album fun and pungency go hand in hand in the lyrics creating a couple that seems to be in opposite poles but is perfectly functional. Ok, sometimes their humour can be a bit silly, but still it fits with the whole playfulness of their attitude. But their strongest card is their talent to write easily memorable songs that invite the listener to get to know the band. I have said before that the importance of songwriting can’t be overstated, but also that writing good music doesn’t necessarily mean you are writing good songs. But these gentlemen know how to write songs that get people moving and make them mosh non stop, either in a gig, or in a bar, or at a party. There is no super hit in here, like “Miserable Future” was for the “The Tyranny of Will”, but this record is like its natural continuation with the riffs being present, the bass thicker and stronger from previous times and (mostly) great songs like ‘Crossover Ministry’, ‘Dead with My Friends’, ‘A Dying World’, ‘You Never Learn’ ‘Fuck the Neighbours’ and ‘Power of the Skull’. This record can be 29 of the most enjoyable minutes of your life.

4,5 /6