Genre: Hardcore/Thrash/Crossover
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Relapse Records
Year: 2014

Not long time ago Thrashers and classic Heavy Metal fans was something like enemies. So you can get the picture of how metalheads thought about hardcore punk…that was how to put it… not so popular among them. But suddenly the audience changed its preferences and Thrash became the new classic sound of the 80’s. So new metalheads that have the bad attitude to worship everything that comes from the glorious 80’s and weren’t in the late 80’s/early 90’s there to see how punk, thrash & hardcore were communicating vessels as in Pascal’s barrel (something too obvious and really cool by the way), now feel that their new “love” Thrash Metal is infected by the punk/hardcore virus with the secret name “crossover”. Really??? I mean really guys??? Same for the oldschool classic metalheads that forget how stupid were back in the days and thought that Thrash was a punk pollution to Heavy Metal…Same situation for Iron Reagan that was not acceptable from metal society and if you clicked their name in famous metal-archives search button there were no results…F.O.A.D. please….

Anyway for anyone that doesn’t know it Iron Reagan is a four piece super group from Richmond, Virginia, consisting of members from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour. Their previous full length “Worse than Dead” was a top notch album that blew our minds with its Cro-Mags/Nuclear Assault/D.R.I.-like thrash metal.

The new one, entitled ‘The Tyranny of Will’ is once again a really cool release. Ingredients: Full of energy. Tony Foresta giving his best performance –by far better than in Municipal- showing he has the potential to become a great frontman. Brilliant guitars with fast as fuck riffs and suitable and heavy breakdowns. Politically charged and socially motivated lyrics with caustic sense of humor. Clean and modern production.

Result: Brain smashing, straight forward and to-the-point as only a crossover album can be, that anyone that will bought it will feel a proud owner. A Circle Pit Maker. Buy it, now!