Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Label: Divebomb Records

Andrew D’Cagna is the man in the Underground scene. It’s not only the fact that he manages to play in so many groups, he is also dealing with all the instruments as well as the vocals. To be more precise he isn’t only dealing with all the instruments, he is doing more than fine. With Ironflame he turns to be also very productive, as “Blood Red Victory” is the band’s third album since 2016. Ironflame’s main and only composer is Andrew, as he is a lone wolf in the studio; still the band is a regular one when it comes to live shows. Their first two albums were great, but let’s see what the deal is now for Ironflame. While in “Tales of Splendor and Sorrow” Andrew had tried to evolve his songwriting with slightly more complicated and lengthy compositions, now he seems to return to the logic of the “Lighting Strikes the Crown” debut. So here once again we a more straight forward Heavy / Power forms, with some scattered epic extensions here and there. But the main characteristic of the album is that you don’t need more than just a single listening to it and it’s 8 compositions will stick into your mind. This thing requires definitely tons of talent and it should be “asked” from our bands as a requisite. It’s nice to listen again and again the record you just bought, and after several listenings to discover news things or elements, but truth be told we are missing more and more albums that features “big” songs that will sing their melody, such as “Blood Red Cross” or songs to sing their chorus 24/7 in your work, in school or in the bus while moving across the city as you will do with most of the songs in “Blood Red Victory”.  The vocal lines are well crafted (better than any other time before) and you hear some highlight choruses than shine like diamonds here, to prove my sayings. Anyone who likes melodic, American Heavy / Power will find here a very good reason to visit his nearby record store. I wish they could make it to a larger audience this time around.