Genre: Black
Label: –
Year: 2017

The first time I listened to Isolert was while they supported Dodsferd in a local live and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed. Could be sound issues, the day or the fact that I didn’t pay the attention the band deserved. So, when I got an e-mail from bandcamp about their new release it was only reasonable for me not to expect something special.

Truth be told, I couldn’t be more wrong! As soon as I started listening to their EP I was confronted with an explosive combination of old school hate combined with generous amounts of oppressive darkness. That is the most appropriate description of “Isolert”. Good compositions and production and most important of all this release has a great “feeling”. After all, when we talk about black metal (with the exception of sub-genres that require a formidable amount of skill) it is more important for the song to be able to express dark emotions than the technical skills needed to compose it. This doesn’t mean that Isolert lack the skill, it would be impossible to express feelings through music if the band from Volos had no skill. An interesting bonus is their cover of Slayer’s “Evil Has No Boundaries”. Nice performance that manages to stay true to the original song while the band combines it with their own personal flair.

Last Words? I am really glad I was mistaken about this band and had the chance to realize that with their new release. Thumbs up for the members of Isolert and I am anxious to see them live again (and pay them the attention they deserve this time).