Genre: Death Metal
Country: International
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2018

Fourth album in five years from this classic death metal project, where two death metal legends such as Paul Speckmann (Master, Death Strike, Funeral Bitch) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Revolting and one million more bands) combine their passion and knowledge to offer us some good old school death metal music.

There are no signs of evolution here, things are simple and straight in your face: death metal tunes played the old fashioned way, as it was the usual way in the early ’90s. Of course, the overall music style is based on Rogga’s songwriting and also has similarities with some of his other bands, but – who really cares? Paul Speckmann’s voice is brutally majestic as always, giving the songs his own special magic – as we can easily find out by listening to ”Kill and Kill”, “Is this just Virtual?” or ‘Remove the Creep”. The album’s short duration (31 minutes) is an advantage as it can’t get boring; on the contrary, you will find yourself pressing the replay button over and over! Finally, we should mention that although the sound production is cool, I personally believe the artwork is not.

“From the Mouth of Madness” is better than its predecessor (”Edge of the Abyss”) and although it won’t change your life or your opinion on the two death metal Masters, it is certainly well played and enjoyable. Old school death metalheads, this one is for you.