Genre: Death
Country: International
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2020

This is the fifth strike of the totally respected project of the Master’s mastermind Paul Speckmann and the unstoppable death metal machine Rogga Johansson. I respect a lot both artists and in such occasions my opinion is usually very strict because I know their potential.

“The Germs Of Circumstances” is by far the best album the guys have created since their beginning. The album is more close to the last Master’s albums with fast and small length tracks (all eight songs of the album last less than four minutes), with clever use of blast beats, a few but to the point guitar leads and the great Paul’s spitting vocals. “The Germs Of Circumstances” is a release that every single old school death metal fan will enjoy. Don’t wait for the album to change your life, there is nothing you have not heard before, however, this is a true and straight from the heart offer from two servants of pure death metal to all of us. The album has a balance and there is no filler included. If I should choose some songs as highlights, the self – titled, “I Was Left To Stare” and “Provoke The Collective” can be mentioned. The excellent drum performance  from Brynjar Helgetun (Crypticus, Just Before Dawn and more) is also a credit for the album’s quality. Production is also good but the artwork in my eyes seems immature for a release of such a caliber.

The traditional old school death metal fans have already got in touch with this one, for all the others I hope they will open their eyes, check the album and learn how death metal should sound like.