Jukka Nevalainen, who had been behind the Nightwish drumkit from 1997 until 2013 due to some health issues, announces his official departure from the band. His position will be taken over by the now-official member Kai Hahto (Swallow The Sun, Wintersun), who has already replaced him at the “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album and the tours that followed up. Jukka exited the band in early 2014 due to severe insomnia issues, right before the beginning of the recordings for “Endless Forms…” that made him unable to perform on tours. Now, with Hahto’s becoming a full time member, Nightwish also announce that their new album will see the light of day in spring 2020. Nevalainen’s last show with Nightwish was at Wacken 2013, while the last album he took part in, was “Imaginaerum”, in 2011.

See their official announcement here: