Genre: Black
Country: Canada
Label: –
Year: 2014


The term “Kafir” is an Arabic word with the meaning of “unbeliever”, “disbeliever” or “infidel”; the Man who rejects the Islamic God. Four guys from Vancouver BC of Canada adopt the name Kafirun, the plural of Kafir, to express their thoughts against any kind of established religion.

The “Death Worship” is their debut Demo EP and is released on May 2014. It consists of three songs (Beyond the Flesh Vessel, Killer of All Man and Thousand Spears) with total time 16:35 minutes. Kafirun would like to reflect the hate and darkness of Man’s heart and the dissolution of soul and life. Themes like religion hating and recreation of the self over god’s image are between the main interests of the band.

Kafirun don’t deal with folk Canadian music or some Canadiana elements (like Woods of Ypres used to). It is a black metal band and it “serves” this kind of music. Anyone can notice some influences from different groups, mainly in production, in overall sound and in some vocals but, at the same time, anyone can say that Kafirun have their own “personality” and build their own “character”. The last two things (own “personality” and building “character”), which are some of the most important advantages in the world of music, will help Kafirun to stand alone among all other bands worldwide.

Basically, Kafirun pay attention to atmosphere, which is enrichment with some aesthetic resources of their chosen discipline. Screams, depressive paths, grim and hateful sounding vocals are the main characteristics of Luzifaust. Moreover, fast directions of music, dark sounds, powerful sounding bass guitar and rapidly shifting between mid-paced guitar churning, blasting tremolo and a few slower segments lead to a more raw and aggressive music. Also, they use neither synths and keyboards nor operatic and female vocals. Generally, they are quite careful with the composition of their songs and the most sessions and parts are well-placed.

This release will be in a physical format at the end of the summer, but anyone can buy it online. Kafirun are working on new material and they are ready for their first live.

Recommended Song: Thousand Spears



Luzifaust: Curse of the ancient plague,
Hanephi: Profaner of vices,
Corpus Vile: Frozen death hammers, and
Hypnocrotizer- 4 severed ligaments of doom and festering death prophecy.