Genre: Punk’ n ’Roll
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

Three years after releasing their debut, “Bastard Sounds, which made their name hot in the Greek underground scene, the 5-piece from Thessaloniki returns with an equally electrified and powerful album. By being faithful to their recipe of success with 5 songs, short (and refreshing) length, familiar artistic and musical aesthetic, they pushed me to perceive “At the Age of Destruction” like the B-Side of “Bastard Sounds” and both records as a longer in length LP. The truth is that here abundant speed gave its place, a little, to more rock’ n ’roll outbursts which paired perfectly with the also new add of gang vocals. In terms of production, even if the sound seems better in the details, I have to say that the dirtiness and slightly higher decibels of “Bastard Sounds” sounded a bit better for me. Kamikazi don’t re-invent the wheel for sure, but they perform excellently in what they love and with their help you’ll love it, too. In conclusion, “At the Age of Destruction” makes an ideal soundtrack to an adventure in the streets of nightly Thessaloniki.